Having said goodbye to the ship in Darwin we’re in the Kakadu National Park for a couple of days before returning to Darwin to catch a flight south…


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  1. Shite!
    I missed your East Timor post. The Tutor and I spent some time there in 2002 while affiliated with UNMISET.
    Rats, I could have directed you to the best knocking shoppes.
    Personally, I would have avoided East Timor and flown directly to Surabaya, Indonesia. The place has a Zoo that contains the largest collection of Komodo Dragons on the planet. East Timor is too poor and depressing.

  2. Simon Clark (taking liberties) won't allow any of my comments on his site…..fucking coward, this is usual among pro smoking blogs as I tend to shatter fantasy and hit the nail on the head and it don't go down well…..lol

    This is my response to his Quit symapthisers post……I still send him my comments , he reads them and looks like he listens becasue for the firs time ever he thinks he might have do something to motivate people….you couldn't make it up.

    “quiet sympathisers””

    For crying out loud Simon, you haven't managed to convince 12 million smokers to do anything since 2007 never mind sympathisers.

    This obscure restriction won't motivate anyone to do anything except a few sympathetic looks from the public to dressing gown patients .

    You are not sure what to do……lol, yeah we know Simon, it all falls a bit flat after the dinner dance with celebrity guests don't it.

    8 years of clueless misguided lobbying with no achievements, no support, no ideas isn't going to change anytime soon is it.

    Come on Simon you think you can get the anti smoking industry on the backfoot…I reckon and know you will do fuck all as usual.

    You have never got anyone on the backfoot….you only react to them, they lead the way with ideas and advice….you give a reaction.

    8 years of reactions is just that.


  3. Dearest Rickie,
    Please to provide me with a link to this person's website. I think I could be very entertained o'er there.

  4. http://www.taking-liberties.squarespace.com.

    Simon Clark is the self apointed “voice of smokers” paid by the tobacco industry, …cutting a long story of short, he dosen't lobby, he dosen't smoke but takes great pride in celebrity guest spotting and name dropping at posh cental London events.

    The gist of my posts is that his reaction to smoking issues in the media,mainly because there is virtually no-one else to speak for smokers which tells you a lot about opposition to the smoking ban is that “reaction” is not lobbying.

    The cunt is fraud who will not allow his reactions to be debated on his blog…..the holes and muddled up thinking in his views are glaring and he knows it.

    so much for the freedoms that he cares passionatley about….basically him and his website is all bollocks and if 12 million smokers thought different to me then they would have shown him some support over the last 8 years.

    Simon Clark is the main man in the pro smoke world here in the UK…….why is he ignored? and why does he ignore virtually every other pro smoke blog.

    Why has nothing been achieved since the ban, why the fuck has the lobbying not started yet?


  5. Rickie's link allows for comments – albeit moderated – your link accommodates no comments.
    We'll see if I get published

    “Smoking is indeed a personal choice, but in countries such as ours, with Government single-payer health care systems, the tax-payer must pay for all the medical needs of the smoker as he/she/it slowly hacks up a lung or two. Granted, the taxes levied on cigarettes more than pay for the healthcare of a dying smoker after a lifetime of smoking.
    This is why I support smoking – and obesity! And drunkenness! These fat, drunk hackers, honourable folks indeed, live very short lives and their deaths are quite inexpensive, relatively speaking. From lung cancer diagnosis to death is as little as 6 months! They also die well before they start accessing private or Government Pension Systems – huge savings for corporations and the taxpayer!
    Those healthy non-smoking tea-total fuckers? Well they live well into their retirement years sucking up huge amounts of private and Government Pension and then when they do die? The fuckers croak of very expensive diseases like stroke and dementia! Are you aware of how much it costs to warehouse a 70-80 year old fucker with dementia? And it takes the cunt 10 years to die! It's a million bucks!
    True patriots would be obese, drunken smokers who cark it in their early 50s after they have contributed some to the welfare of the country. Those healthy arseholes are just selfish cunts who hate our freedom!”

    You may recognise it, It is a copy-paste from a post I wrote here, about a year or two ago

  6. Freedoms are as always are a personal choice , you can cut your life short as you please.

    Health advice about smoking is not an attack on your freedom to smoke as it cannot stop you smoking….nothing can stop you smoking, its not been banned or illegal.

    Nobody has had their freedom to smoke,eat, drink stopped whatsoever.

    Sorry to shatter your illusion of puritan prodnose gestapo knocking door to door or whatever fantasy you have sucked up..