Today we’re in Wyndham.

As you can see from the above, there’s not a lot here either. They told me when I booked this trip that I could go for several days and not see a single person other than my fellow travellers, so today we’re back to ‘civilisation’ and a trip up the Ord River for a spot more sightseeing and a picnic lunch…


4 responses to “Wyndham

  1. Is it me or does Wyndham look a lot like Prince – whatever-the-title-of-your-last-post-was – Regent River.

    And where is that Australian Icon, Rolf Harris? Oh yeah in jail in the UK right? Or that crocodile guy? Oh yeah, in an old age home by now. Or that other crocodile “Crickey” guy, oh yeah, dead.
    Have ya tasted the vegemite yet? Since you're there, look around for clues that Australia is actually a large Aircraft Carrier. I've long suspected New Zealand was a frigate circling the “Flat-Top Australia just waiting for the opportunity to attack.

  2. I like the warship analogy, although I suspect HMS New Zealand is a battle ship rather than a frigate. I see myself as the Cap'n: I'm sitting on the bridge right now. Just about to fire the 16 inch ordinance and loose the torpedoes. Whoop, whoop!

  3. Australia. The third island.

  4. Australia. The third island.