Prince Regent River

We’ve done the Lacepede Islands, Talbot Bay and the horizontal falls, the Montgomery Reef and Raft Point, the site of some 4000 year old aboriginal rock art.

Today we’re sailing up the Prince Regent River. Marine life has been pretty good so far and we’re hoping to spot a few snubnose dolphins as we go upstream.


3 responses to “Prince Regent River

  1. Mr D- did you see 'Flaxen woz ere' scratched next to 4,000 depiction of a speared kangaroo?

  2. If you should see a snub-nose, kill it. The squeaky fuckers interfere with the proper catching and canning of my skipjack.
    How y'all been?
    I've served my custodial sentence and am now a free tart.

    Flaxon is still an illiterate cunt I see.

  3. You're back! Where the bloody hell have you been hiding? I've missed your invective and acid tongue- Saucy wench. Do you still look good in basque or have you let yourself go; I'm hoping for the former