I’ve never been to Australia and it’s been on the list for a while, so today I’m off to the airport to catch a plane to Perth.

It’s also the 31st anniversary of the day I met my wife so I guessing that spending the evening in a hotel at Heathrow is probably going to fall short of her ideal way of spending the evening but I’m guessing that driving to London for an 8:30 check in might be a bit fraught in the morning rush hour.

Anyhow posting will be a bit on the sparse side for the next few weeks…


6 responses to “Australia

  1. Enjoy your trip Diocelese.

    A quick visit to wikipedia (smoking bans in Australia) will show you what protection from smokers you can expect.

    I will hold the fort for you in your absence.


  2. 31 years. Just behind you at 27. Although hats off that you remembered. Lovely country spoiled by a few of the PC Brigade etc. However, the true aussies tell them to F.Off.

  3. Watch out for the black widow in the dunny…

  4. Enjoy Dioclese! It's a wonderful country, been a couple of times myself and if I was younger and they'd have me, I'd be off like a shot.

    Rickie – You are one boring anti-smoking zealot. Mind your own business, what's it got to do with you that a man likes a smoke with his pint? Get a life for God's sake.


  5. @Anna, having anti smoking views doesn't mean I haven't a life.

    I also agree with Dioclese about Freedom of Speech….despite me being told to “shut the fuck up” etc many times , I never do the same.

    I won't sink to their level.

    I have also been given the rare privilege of a post of mine being allowed on Taking Liberties the smokers champions blog in his ” what do smokers want” thread……I doubt another reply will be allowed, its a gut instinct thing….,,happens all the time, especially as Simon sent a long winded reply.

    Anyway I will post it here if he doesn't bother…if you don't want to read it then don't.


  6. ell Simon was brave enough to let one more post of mine.

    This truth was too blunt for his blog so he refused to answer it. or let bloggers see it.

    Whats wrong with pro smokers why do they hide??…don't stop me showing the shites for what they are….cunts!

    Here is the post:

    The public debate about plain packs is all about “intellectual propery rights” of tobacco companies…..that is not a smoking ban issue even though you dress it up as one, its not a smoking issue either.

    Smoking in cars… think education is the answer, yet you agree with its aims and the desire to end smoking in cars with babies…..there is no real debate if you and ASH agree with the issue and aims of the idea.

    Smoking in Hospital grounds put it to a referendum and see the opposition to it.

    Lobbying is an everyday occurence with demonstrations and marches, pressure groups……your lobbying amounts nothing that resembles lobbying…fancy london hotels with celebrity speakers, wine and nibbles events is ignored by all smoking blogs and even your posters never seem to go.

    You seem to be confused about what lobbying is!…the reason you get called to speak for smokers in the media is because there is no-one esle apart from you and a couple of your colleagues to speak up for smokers…you think this is lobbying because you are invited to speak on issues.

    I agree you work hard….reacting to the next smoking issue means a lot of interviews and travelling , but its not lobbying.

    12 million smokers and no organised lobby, no pressure groups, no demonstrations, no policies, no supporters… dosen't exsist in reality…you get paid to pretend there is a lobby when infact its non exsistent.

    You run a one man show Simon and is about as far removed as it gets from an organised well suported lobby with members and leaders and a thriving active force.

    Your blog is proof of being ignored and irellevant about smoking issues…Forest Eirann blog is completely deserted…..12 million smokers should surely give some indication that Forest and you are needed….I can't see any proof over 8 years.

    12 Million smokers are silent…where are they, why are they not complaining…….has the penny dropped yet?…they dream of being a non smoker one day and have no issues with bans and health advice

    I know more about the truth of the issues than you Simon….There is knowledge and there is blagging.

    You fail on both.