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  1. WHEN it comes to the point where they are 51% of the population, because we stupidly taught them that, that was how democcracy works, then it will be all those liberal shits, who at present, are running around VOLUNTEERRING to take scum into their houses, (Have they consulted a solicitor about housing rights of tennants, and the virtual impossibility of getting rid of them, no matter WHAT they do, or HOW they behave?) that will be grassing us to he religious police for having a bottle of beer hidden in the cellar, or not going to mosque last Friday.

    It will be the dumb arsed cow in the organic crochet nickers, honoury member of the PTA, sandle wearing Lentil eating fuckwit living next door, who will be guarding the concentration camps they throw the rest of us into. Do not think for one second, they will see a flash of light, and find that we have been right all along.

    THEY will be part of the system, until the system decides to eat them.

    Even then, they will try and figure out if it was not maybe, THEIR fault for not being moslem/black enough, before forgiving their executioners, and laying down to die.

    Born stupid stays stupid.