The migrant problem

Interesting that it takes a former Eastern Block country to grasp the nettle and put the blame for the swarm of migrants coming our way exactly where it belongs.

The Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, said Hungary would not allow migrants to leave its territory without registering. He went on to say that the problem was not a European problem but a German problem as ‘that is where most of the migrants want to go.’

Merkel has been pontificating lately that as Germany will takenin 800,000 of these people, other countries such as Britain should agree to do the same. Well I say ‘Fuck you, Merkel. Run your own country and stop trying to run ours.’ Unfortunately this will never happen as the entire purpose of the Fourth Reich is for Germany to rule Europe.

The EU rules say that refugees crossing borders should be returned to the country where they first entered for registration and processing. Whilst I feel sorry for such countries, the rules are the rules. Perhaps they should be followed?

Meanwhile, some of the mob besieging the railway station in Budapest have been taken down the line – not to Germany but to a migrant reception centre. Hungary is also building a 157km fence along its border to help stem the tide. From what I can see, it is the only country taking a proper stand on the issue.

The latest pro-migrant propaganda came yesterday when a child’s body was washed up on a beach in turkey, one of several victims of a failed migrant boat trip. It seems that the boy had relatives in Canada and the family had applied for asylum there. It was turned down so they thought they’d have a go at Europe instead.

The focus is, of course, on the poor child and not on the fact that he died because of unscrupulous traffickers cashing in. Or on the reasons why the family’s asylum application was refused. Nothing grabs the attention of the do-gooder faster than a picture of a dead or suffering child.

But take a look a the pictures coming out of Budapest. I’d say 90% of these people are young men.

I know it’s hard, but I say stop fishing them out of the ocean, blockade the Libyan coast and turn the boats back, round up the migrants already in the EU and send them back. Enough is enough. While we let them piss all over us, things will only get worse.

Let’s tackle the cause not the symptoms. Deal with Islamic State and blockade Syria. When the jihadists are dead and the food and weapons run out in Syria, they’ll stop fighting. Otherwise they’ll die. Either way, job done…


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  1. You and I agree on this as usual, I still say blow them out of the water, send them packing, stop making ourselves responsible for these people THEY are responsible for getting into trucks or boats, they are responsible for paying traffickers vast amounts of cash the likes of which you and I have never seen (how do they get THAT if they are all so bloody poor) they are all young men many are criminals, many leave wives and children to fend for themselves. Come here start second families and the call for their other families. It's ludicrous. I see Camoron has kowtowed to EU pressure once again, spineless weak pathetic man that he is. We need to take a tough stance and stand our ground. Yvette Cooper spouting off that we NEED to take another 300,000 on the back of the massive rise in immigration figures all this despite the fact we were promised that immigration would be curbed and brought under control. I give up I really do. This invasion is in full swing and it will have to end in bloodshed because the people in charge can't pull their bloody fingers out.

  2. I agree with every single word you both say. I really can't add anything to what you've written, except to say that by giving in the government will just encourage more and more to try and come here. The financial implications are huge, this at a time when essential services have been cut. I've never claimed any form of benefit, but I get the feeling that if and when I apply I'll be told that the pot is empty as a result of giving it all away to these rag tag bastards that have never paid a penny into the system. It might explain why I've been told that I will not, as previously promised, get my OAP at 65.

  3. As a commenter on another site said, the dead kid on the beach was an example of propaganda that Joseph Goebbels would have been proud of.

    I see some dickhead jumped onto the bandwagon with an on-line petition to say we should take them in. Perhaps someone should start one saying we shouldn't let them in. Wonder how many votes that would get?

    These people bloody annoy me in that they claim to speak for the public opinion. I'm part of the public and nobody asked me. I wish the supercilious bastards would just piss off and mind their own business. I publish my views – I don't claim to represent anyone but myself…

  4. The death of the poor child is terrible, but the bigger picture is as you describe

  5. I have signed your petition and I urge all other readers to do the same. I am going to email all my friends and relatives and ask them to sign too, I will also post the link on my page.

  6. Just signed your petition. Many thanks for giving those of us who agree with your views an opportunity to express our support.

  7. Just clicked. Tried to do it twice, but it didn't work. Seems to work for pakis, though.

  8. It's because you're not in the UK Flaxen… but thanks for trying!

  9. The only silver lining is that this might stiffen the resolve to leave when we get the referendum.

  10. Yes, it is terrible. But it's not the fault of anyone, even Assad, but his father.