I call this censorship…

I don’t often post twice in the same day, but this is making my piss boil…

Simple question : How come when a petition is raised to support bringing migrants to the UK it doesn’t take ‘a few days’ to check it over and yet when I put forward the opposite view, it does?

Odd, isn’t it?

For the record, 16 people already supported it before this message appeared for which I thank you.

You can sign the petition by clicking this link – when they let you, of course…


My petition reads :

Reject calls to open our borders to migrants.

There is an endless stream of economic migrants and refugees trying to cross Europe to settle in the UK. The government should make it clear that we will not open our borders to them. Divert money from the foreign aid budget to helping genuine refugees in their own regions.


26 responses to “I call this censorship…

  1. Bastards, so I can expect a knock on my door from PC plod later calling me a racist later can I? πŸ˜‰

  2. Have you seen this https://uk.news.yahoo.com/britain-may-accept-thousands-more-refugees-030006537.html#Rhwm2mP ,….. Makes my piss boil especially the line that reads “after the Government came under pressure to do more amid Europe's unfolding migration crisis.” not from this member of the bloody public they didn't

  3. Makes one wonder how many have never seen the light of day.

  4. Fucking amazing isn't it? Dare to take a different view from those in power and this is what you get. I can't see for the life of me why they have taken this line. You didn't use any profanity, you just put the opposite view, that's all, but “they” don't like it up up 'em do they?

  5. Is anyone surprised by this?

  6. Tell 'em you've been burgled Kath – that will guarantee you won't see any plod for at least six months…

  7. Still can't sign it.

  8. All this delay kinda proves my point doesn't it?

  9. Its all our fault this crisis, there was steps that could have been taken years ago to kick the arses of our politician and avert this fuckup…..it was to vote B.N.P as a protest vote to ensure immigration was not ignored.

    They saw it coming,they were ignored, and B.N.P voters like me were ignorant cunts.

    You voted conservative/Labour before UKIP got popular as the great political thinkers who were all above racist talk of immigration.

    Now Dioclese sounds like Nick Griffin…and its all too late.


  10. It is a bit rich Dioclese your piss boiling cos of checks about meeting petition standards.

    You used a Fake name to raise the petition and tried to make it appear like a real name.

    Tis the upside down world of blogging.

    Great init.


  11. Pot. Kettle. Black.

    Isn't that a bit rich coming from somebody who calls himself 8a7d44b2-c230-11e4-a501-b78fe07746c6 ?

  12. For the record, I have never voted Labour and never will…

  13. Like I said its the upside down world of blogging where bloggers hide in their bedrooms pretending to by lobbbyists/campaigners as in the case of the Coward Dick Puddlecote who quite happily attacks public figures in a never ending campaign of trolling health professionals but is shit scared of his identity being revealed so the victims of his trolling can fight back.

    The most fucked up part of Puddlecotes sad trolling life is the hate that he spews out if he suspects somebody elses identity and professional life is not 100% transparent and politically correct.

    Unfortunately Dioclese you appeared to piss in the same pot as him this time and had the nerve to bleat about censorship when its was your deception which gives crediblty to the Governments checks.

    Its part of the blogging culture of anonymous hosts who won't reveal absolutely anything about their real lives……therefore any tough talk has to be put in context.
    lawful Rebelllion warrios like Captain Ranty wanted to lead a revolution in hiding from his bedroom.

    Bedroom warriors in hiding like Puddlecote will leave his bedroom today fighting his war of denial and conspiracy to venture out to Poundland and by 10 bags of crips for a Β£1 and then return back to his bedroom and be a superhero again looking at his vaping machine hoping it really is safe……lol….he knows fags most certainly are killers…the cunt wont go that far and admit it though

    Blogging the nonsense of it all is a daft world but still entertaining.


    P.S that heading comes up with those numbers and letters…..thats why I put my real name on all posts.

  14. As I've said before, you are entitled to your opinion and I'm entitled to mine. Free speech cuts both ways.

    You're criticising people for hiding behind pen names, pseudonyms, stage names – call them what you will – and not revealing the details of who they really are, but you're doing the exact same thing yourself. 'Rickie' doesn't exactly tell us much about who you really are does it? If I just signed myself 'Fred' would that be more to your taste? πŸ˜‰

    And as regards Ranty, I quite liked the ramblings he came out with. At least he was different and entertaining. Regrettably he died so now there's one less eccentric in the world which, IMHO, is a shame.

  15. I am not trolling health professionals and their professional reputations for years whilst hiding like a coward….he calls them liars/cheats well anything goes from Puddlecotes bedroom.

    You wouldn't accept the Daily Mail publishing without anyone knowing who what where and fuck all about the comany…yet a blog host seems to operate under double standards …its fucked up.

    You thought your identity game with an offical government petition was no problem…..its not fraud as such but the fact is that no-one else but me would dare point out the hypocrisy to you.

    Happens all the time in blogland….blog followers never question anything.

    Anyway thanks for your continued free speech policy…normally 1 post of me calling a blog host a hypoctite would get me banned and deleted.


  16. You're welcome. As you know by now, I don't ban people just for disagreeing with me…

    …as long as I can disagree back!

  17. There is already a petition which is rapidly garnering signatures – petition 106477

  18. Whatever good it will do I've 'signed' the petition. In a world gone mad, every bit helps, I suppose……

  19. I signed that one as well. Thanks for the info

  20. 3 days later and the PTB are still 'checking the petition'…
    Meanwhile petition 106477 now has 83,000 signatures.

    One wonders how much longer the government is going to suppress the growing part of public opinion that disagrees with them?

  21. Shit! I'm beginning to sound like Spivey!!!!

  22. 106477 now up to over 95k sigs – hope it gets up to 100k mark before the media attention switches to the leadership contest. Funny how crises disappear so very quickly – like toys discarded by a child.

    Not that it will make the slightest difference – we're the last to be listened to.

  23. I'm on a boat off the coast of Australia. Surprise, surprise – they rejected my petition!

    They say it's because there's a duplicate athough I notice that the 'duplicate' has a higher reference numbert than mine which means mine was submitted first. The one they refer you to is the one noted above either so I suspect a little diversionary tactic taking place.

    The other one they want to divert you from now has 160,000 signatures proving that there is an alternative view to that spouted by Cameron – who made my piss boil this morning by opposing the assisted dying bill.

    UK politics stinks. I see Sadiq Kahn is now the Labour candidate for London mayor. Hey, look! He's supported by the GMB and Unite. All we need now is Corbyn elected UK will be royally fucked!!!!

    I despair…..

  24. 167000 signatories and counting on what I shall always consider as your petition. What an Orwellian world we live in. While you are oit in Oz do get yourself along to one orf their clone labs dear heart so Dioclese will live for ever if only as a nice alternative to a spot orf lamb or mutton. A little known fact that yours truly was actually born near Moonee Ponds, Melbourne in the middle orf a bush fire. Sure to be a commemorative plaque somewhere.

    On the subject orf clones, Trot clones to be precise, brace yourself for your return to the New Commontariat orf Comrade Corbyn and his fellow travellers. Sure they will have their beady little swivel eyes on you. Enjoy while you may.
    On clones, Trot clones to be exact, sure you are
    Talking orf clones I am sure you are devastated