More EU nonsense

More bloody silly stuff about the EU this week. Here’s my top three…

(1) The FCSC guarantee scheme that protects our savings deposits up to £85,000 is being reduced to £75,000. Why? Because the EU says it has to be €100,000 and the exchange rate has moved. So as long as we meet the equivalent of €100,000 what’s the problem? Well the EU says that unless it is reduced then it gives us an unfair advantage in attracting depositors because our guarantee is better than the rest of the EU. I say “Good. Tell ’em to get stuffed”

(2) Andy Burnham says that we should allow more migrants to come across from Calais because it will help Cameron in his renegotiations. What renegotiations? They’ve as good as told us to fuck off already…

(3) Theresa May says that open borders means free movement of labour across the EU and that was the original intention. She reckons that EU citizens should therefore only be allowed to come to the UK if they have a job to come to.

Actually, that last one seems pretty sensible to me, but not as sensible as getting the hell out altogether.

Oh, and that Ban Ki Moon can sod off as well. He’s not welcoming migrants into his country…


2 responses to “More EU nonsense

  1. Sheer bloody madness. We didn't sign up to the single currency, so why the hell is the EU telling us what the FCSC guarantee scheme limit should be? Oh, I see, it makes the UK a more attractive proposition for savers – like you, I say good! They don't like competition when it works in our favour do they?

    When it comes to the free movement of labour, I would bet quite a large sum of money that many more EU citizens come to the UK seeking work than any of the other member states. And yes, ot should be a requirement that those who come here do so not to seek work, but to a jobs they have already found. In fact I was under the impression that was how the system currently operated.

    As for this immigration issue, well if they think immigration is such a good thing, then absorb the buggers into the other EU countries they pass through on their way to Calais. No what they really mean is that they think it would be a good idea to swamp the UK with all the detritus from the rest of the world – to that I say fuck off!

  2. Well put. I like it!