The one party state…

Let’s face it, 1984 was not the best book ever written but it did provoke a few thoughts. Another, in my view better work, was Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 which dealt with a similar theme – the manipulation of the people by the single party state.

My worry is that we now have the single party state in the United Kingdom.You might think that I referring to the rise of the SNP in Scotland when I say this and, to an extent, you would be right. The SNP landslide has produced a political state where no other party has any real significance north of the border.

What worries me more is the state of play south of the border. Thanks to the Scottish situation there is no chance of any single political party other than the Conservatives of holding a majority. Indeed the maths of the last general election has shown us that even the SNP and Labour together cannot form a government.

The advantages of this scenario are that at least a single party holding power can get things done. Coalitions simply don’t work effectively. The experience of the last 5 years has shown us some of the drawbacks, but if you want to really see how things get bogged down then look at countries like Italy where there are so many names on the ballot paper that there is never an effective coalition in power.

Non-Scottish UK is now in that situation. No-one can challenge the Conservatives. Thankfully, Cameron is not Thatcher. In my opinion, Thatcher was a great PM but she was constrained by having effective opposition. One wonders what she might have done if when found herself in number 10 today?

Effective government is constrained and balanced government. It is not about absolute power. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.


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  1. Never say never. It doesn't seem that long ago that it looked as if the Conservatives would never again be the party of government. Leading up Blair's 1997 landslide victory, John Major looked like a complete and utter twat and the Tory party was in total disarray. For a long time after 1997 the Conservatives chose one lame duck leader after another and appeared unlikely to ever win another general election. Don't forget exactly the same happened to the Labour Party during the Foot/Kinnock years. Even when David Cameron became leader things seemed very bleak. It was only when Blair moved aside and Brown took over that thing rapidly started going pear shaped. The same thing could happen to this bunch of Conservatives. As I'm sure you would agree, the older you get the more you realise that what goes around comes around.

  2. “It is not about absolute power. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”
    The EU has 'absolute power' over 75% of our laws.
    The EU corrupts absolutely, and now is the time to leave.

  3. I totally agree.

    Only this month the changes in the Euro exchange rate have prompted the FSCS to lower their guarantee on deposits from £85,000 to £75,000 because the EU dictates that the guarantee is €100,000

    This has resulted in swathes of letters from deposit takers to all their customers and special arrangements so that people with more than £75,000 on deposit are allowed to remove the surplus even on fixed term no access accounts.

    Why didn't the UK government just tell the EU to sod off? The UK FSCS exceeds the EU requirement so why do we have to lower it? Well, of course, the reason is that the EU dictates that if we leave it at £85,000 this gives us an unfair competitive advantage over our EU counterparts.

    So if the rate changes again and it goes back up, will they insist we increase the cover? I suspect like fuck they will. We lose every time and HMG does have the balls to tell them to get stuffed.

    Time to leave! It's the only sensible solution…

  4. “…Cameron is not Thatcher…”

    Cameron is not a Conservative, either.

  5. Cameron has the backing of millions of voters…compare this with Simon clark smokers champion who is ignored by 12 million smokers and faces total domination by his opposition, his supporters have an extreme denial agenda that he dare not utter one word about, and to top the lot he dosen't smoke so dosen't really speak for smokers anyway.

    Corrupt …absolutley for Simon Clark he speaks for his paymasters only and not smokers….do any of them give a fuck about intellectual propert rights in smoking huts around the country, are smokers angry they can't smoke with babies in cars?

    One man, absolute power , no opposition from his own supporters fucks things up absolutely for smokers and it could go on for decades.

    Good init.


  6. It is not that absolute power corrupts people, although it has a very strong pull, it is that power attracts the corruptible. That is why many people, including ourselves :), don't go up for election even though we could do a better job than the useless bunch that gets put in there.

    I've actually come to the opinion that if they picked one person at random from the electoral register and put him in charge for 6 months, repeat every six months then we would be in a much better situation.

  7. What goes around, comes around. The Labour party needs some time in the wilderness as it is unfit to govern at the moment. If that means a couple of terms being unelectable, so be it. There will be another Blair who will drag them back to the centre ground and it will all start over…