Krazy Korean Syndrome

I just don’t get the situation in Korea.

OK there was a war there in the 1950s and the country ended up partitioned into the North Korean Democratic Republic and the Republic of South Korean, the democratic one being the one that’s clearly not. Why is is that non-democratic regimes always call themselves ‘Peoples Republic’ or ‘Democratic Republic’? Who are they kidding?

But I digress. The war is over. They built a bloody great big wide demilitarised zone between the two countries. End of, I’d have thought. Just get on with life.

But no. The South insist on building great big loudspeaker systems to broadcast propaganda into the North. So the North do the same. To be fair to the North, they stopped doing that but the South decided that they’d carry on. The North tells them to piss of or they’ll shell the speakers and when the South fail to piss off, they shell the speakers. So the South get pissed of. The North moves to a war footing. The Americans do what they always do – shoot off their mouth and sit on their arses. That’s what Yanks do. If it hadn’t been for Pearl Harbour, we’d still be waiting for them to join in.

The North then threaten to nuke the South and the Yanks with them. The South says this is unacceptable (!) but they haver no option but to carry on broadcasting their puerile shite into the North. Is it just me that thinks that both sides should stop behaving like three year olds in the playground and just pack it all in?

Then I look around and realise that everybody seems to have this KKS thing. The Israelis attack Gaza because the Gazans fire rockets at them. The whole thing escalates. Just stop shooting at Israel and the Israel will leave you alone. Just grow up.

And we’re no better. Look at the Falklands/Malvinas and Argentina. Give it up, Argies. You’re not going to get the Falklands. Both sides know that so just get on with your lives and live with it.

Look at Spain and Gibraltar. The Dagos want Gib. They ain’t getting it and they know it but that doesn’t stop them playing silly buggers. Spain and the UK are both in the EU FFS and even we can’t all get on together.

The world would be a better place if we just agreed to differ and stopped fucking about. But it’s never going to happen is it?


8 responses to “Krazy Korean Syndrome

  1. To answer the question in one word NO!

    I guess there are thousands who would take issue with you regarding both Gibraltar and the Falklands – I'm not one of them! However, those who do might say we should “grow up” and give Gibraltar back to Spain, and the Falklands to Argentina. As always, it takes two to make an argument.

    Some conflicts do seem utterly futile. On the other hand, sometimes there is some hidden motive. I suspect that the Argentinians want to get their hands on the Falklands because of the potential for oil extraction – the same reason behind “regime change” in Iraq. Most of the time though it's about one lot of toss-pots imposing their “way of life” or “ideology” on another load of toss-pots.

  2. Except that it's the inhabitants of Gibraltar & the Falklands that don't want to be given to Spain / Argentina. If the locals voted to do it, I suspect our politicians would give them back before we could look round.
    On the plus side bringing back the 4 Typhoons from the Falklands would probably double our front line defence in the UK except they would probably be scrapped to save money.

  3. I hope I did not in any way give the impression that I think the UK should relinquish sovereignty over the Falklands or Gibraltar. I am an ardent supporter of both remaining firmly in British hands.

  4. Unfortunately mate its human nature. Without going into a long drawn out historical dissertation on why the Falklands have never been Argentinian, in this situation, as with Gibraltar its down to self-determination. The inhabitants of these places have voted, not once but several times to stay as they are. Spain incidentally hasn't got a leg to stand on since they signed away any rights to it (in perpetuity) when they signed the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713.

    We are always going to have this problem with territorial disputes till the cows come home, because like it or not, we, like so many of God's creatures are territorial.

  5. Just to correct a few points. The Korean Peninsular was divided at the 39th parallel after the Japanese were thrown out in 1945. The 1950's war is not over. A ceasefire was agreed, but no cessation of hostilities. Each side shouts at each other all the time. Occasionally they get over excited and shoot at each other. This has gone on for the last sixty years or so, and will probably go on for at least the next sixty. All part of the tapestry of life!!!

  6. The Falklands were legally established before Argentina even existed.

  7. The war is over. Er, actually, no, it isn't. They ceased hostilities, but the war was never really “over”. So it ain't.

  8. I think N. Korea's very different insofar as families were separated and there is enormous pressure on the S. Korean government to be seen to be doing something about it.

    They're financing the groups who do things like build whacking great Christmas trees close to the border. Also send over massive balloons with mobile smart phones, so folk in the north can get on to the internet using repeaters close to the DMZ.

    N. Korea's an economic wasteland and the way it's worked has been a little sabre rattling, then talks, then aid.

    But the wee fella's not entirely in charge yet and the military's his best hope to cement his position.

    KBS is a reasonable source for all this sort of stuff.

    Conflict's never nice, however I really can see the need for it in Libya, Syria, Yemen and Eastern Ukraine. There's no way they'll ever agree to disagree.

    Nor is that possible with Palestine where they've been more or less under a barricade for a decade or more. All because some twit post 2nd world war thought it an excellent idea to draw a line on a map.