Fuck you 2, TalkTalk

My ongoing saga with the dick heads at TalkTalk continues. After yet another telephone call it seems the £10 they owe me has actually been credited to my account. Great! And there’s a screen on their system that enables me to request a refund. Well, actually no it doesn’t as you can see from the above screen print that I have illustrated to emphasise the problem.

Yet another TalkTalk website screen that doesn’t actually work. They’re an ISP FFS! Shurely their own site should be a showcase for excellence not total cuntitude?

Still, I’m not the only one with problems. I came across this letter in the Daily Torygraph on Saturday :
I have tried for 18 months to resolve a problem with oneTel which is part of TalkTalk. As a result of this error I have been in debt for £3.17 for that time. Despite a dozen or so phone calls or emails and two letters I have failed to resolve the matter.
The customer service response has been diabiolical and there apoears to be a major flaw in the accounting system.

This was dealt with by the Torygraph trouble shooter Jessica Gorse who wrote this interesting reply :

Following on from a month when your bill for calls was £3.17 the next bill amounted to £3.18.
However only 1p was taken and in the many months that followed an extra £3.17 was deemed to be owing. In 2014 this amount was taken twice but in the following months it was reimbursed to the account and then deemed to be owing again.
You then paid the sum by cheque thinking it would put a stop to this nonsense. The cheque was cashed but still did not stop the money being re-debited and the debt reappearing like a jack-in-the-boc that wouldn’t stay down.
TalkTalk’s account system seemed unable to cope with the remaining balance.
Only further to my involvement was the tiresome cycle halted. A TalkTalk spokesman said ‘We are very sorry Mr W has had ongoing problems with his account which was because of a persistent fault with our billing system. We have apologised for the inconvenience.’
As you say, repeated promises from TalkTalk of a call back were not fulfilled. No response was ever received to your queries. Two letters to the Chief Executive’s office sent by recorded delivery were ignored.
Reassuringly, you have now received two correct bills. Compensation of £40 has been paid.

You might remember from my recent rant that when I owed them £20.31 and gave them a debit card for that amount, the system took a penny short so the above gives me little cause for optimism.

However email is a wonderful device for nagging. I suggest that if you have a similar problem you send one at least twice a day to their CEO.

The address is  : Dido.Harding@talktalkplc.com

Good luck with that!


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