Popping a Mandie…

It will come as no great surprise to my regular reader to learn that I have little or no respect for Peter, Lord-knows-what-for, Mandleson, guru and head enforcer of the disastrous Blair and Brown years. This is a man so dangerous that even the electorate rejected him and they had to give the bugger a peerage just to keep him in the cabinet.

Until now, though, I never thought he was stupid. Dangerous and manipulative and not to crossed on pain of death, yes. Stupid, no. But even I can be wrong.

Mandie doesn’t want Corbyn as leader – a view I can sympathise with – but his great master plan for scuppering him from the leadership contest is a prime example in crass incompetence and truly wooly thinking. Mandie wanted all the other candidates to withdraw so that the contest would be cancelled.

Great plan, Mandie. Well, it was until somebody pointed out that if they went along with it then Corbyn would be the only candidate and would be elected unopposed! A bit like when Gordon Brown became our unelected Prime Minister. Now let me think – who was it masterminded that?

I am reminded of a similar feat of genius that took place 70 years ago. The Americans were looking for a suitable target for the first atomic bomb. Before deciding on Hiroshima, it was suggested that they drop the thing on Mount Fuji. This, it was argued, would minimise the collateral damage – i.e. kill less civilians – and at the same time totally demoralise the Japanese people when their sacred mountain was vapourised. The President thought this was a great idea.

Then a little voice down the end of the cabinet table pointed out to the President that San Francisco was on the same Pacific fault line and that the city was likely to drop into the ocean!

Mandleson was clearly looking for the nuclear solution…


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