Corbyn’s revolution

So the great Labour leadership election is under way – and everyone is bricking themselves that Corbyn will win it except the Tories and the unions.

The Tories want Corbyn to win because it will stuff the Labour Party’s election prospects for the next ten years. The unions want him to win because it will give them leverage and power to take on the government.

Much has been said about Tory infiltration into the vote – it’s been well overhyped – but very little has been said about the real reason for the major growth of the party in recent months. It’s grown by around 400,000. Massive support for the party? Well, no because it’s mainly due to the unions shoehorning in ‘affiliate’ members at £3 a pop to vote for their preferred candidate.

But what will really happen in Corbyn World if the guy gets elected? Well, there won’t be a Labour government or even a Labour opposition because they simply don’t have the seats in Westminster. What we’ll get is a return to the Scargill / Thatcher years with the left taking to the streets to cripple the country and bring down the Conservative government.

We’re going to see massive industrial unrest backed up by Corbyn shooting off his mouth in parliament about the wicked Tories causing it all. The cry will be for people to take to the streets. Nothing will motivate unrest faster than the lights going off, trains and buses not running, petrol blockades and the like. Take away the everyday things we take for granted, and people will soon get pissed off.

The question will then be will Cameron turn out to be a Heath or a Thatcher? A capitulator or a fighter? A winner or a loser? Well, you’ll need to form your own opinions on that one!

So vote Corbyn if you want to bring the country to it’s knees and return to the good old three day week. God help us!


4 responses to “Corbyn’s revolution

  1. Well if or when he does win it will certainly make PMQs more interesting and maybe worth watching again. With an opposition front bench of hard lefties shouting and bawling across at a bench of liberal/lefties that the Tory party have become could prove amusing. Even the planted questions could be fun.

  2. I beg to differ.

    The self-serving political career New Labour party grandees have made it crystal clear that it is appalled at the resurgence of old Labour by Jeremy Corbyn and his Union supporters.

    Their media reports of speeches denouncing Corbyn’s political and economic stance plus every newspaper leading article warning of Corbyn’s unsuitability for the job are having the reverse effect. All this scaremongering about Old Labour party Unions and striking practices coming to the future if Corbyn wins the Labour party leadership contest is utter bollocks.

    He is now the only politician celebrity voice standing up to the sham Tory austerity measures. Remember also that the overwhelming bulk of the Scottish press opposed the SNP’s anti-austerity policies, which didn’t stop the SNP party from sweeping to victory.

    Corbyn is a mild mannered, conviction politician. A man of wisdom who knows all about the bad old days of Workers' Unions making Britain the “sick man of Europe”.
    There will none of that under Corbyn's watch. Unless the useless New Labour self-servers sucessfully plot to out him within the next 6 months, I predict he will survive and make Labour very much electable again in 2020. And you heard from me first.

  3. I agree with you that the man is a conviction politician – but just because he's sincere it doesn't mean he's right. I still think he'd wreck the country if he got into number 10 simply because his policies are neither practical or affordable.

    I had a great deal of respect for Tony Benn – another conviction politician – but I fundamentally disagreed with just about everything he said.

    But at least we can agree to differ. It'd be a boring old world if everyone thought the same and we're doing it in a civilised manner and not trying to murder each other…

  4. @Entopy….”Corbyn is a mild mannered, conviction politician. A man of wisdom “

    Spot on…..he wanted a smoking ban back in 1989.