Running, jumping, shooting up…

Well, given the posts of the past few weeks and the pathetic attempts of the IAAF to cover up the rather obvious drug taking by athletes, the revelations in the Sunday Times over the weekend should come as no great surprise.

So pointless wastes of space who run, jump, chuck stuff, swim, ride bikes and all the other overhyped and meaningless trivia that masquerades as sport of national importance take drugs to improve their performance. Well, after Lance Armstrong came clean (pun intended!) what did we really expect?

According to the Times, 29%-34% of the 1,800 competitors at the 2011 world championships had violated anti-doping rules in the previous 12 months. Surprise, surprise! That’s a lorra, lorra cheats! But the real surprise (not) is that the IAAF knew about all this shit going down and just suppressed the reports which, unsurprisingly, it had the power to do.

Now, to be honest, I always thought that Seb Coe was an attention seeking, arrogant, self opinionated cunt so I’m delighted that this ‘revelation’ has made his protestations over the last few weeks look pathetic, rather like the man himself. After all, he wants to be the head honcho of the IAAF so what did you expect him to say? “Yeah, OK. There’s loads of cheats out there but we really don’t want you know about them because it makes us look like a load of wankers.”? Well, that at least would have been honest, wouldn’t it?

There’s just too much credence and celebrity status awarded to these tossers. At the end of the day, how the hell do they make a living? I mean it’s not like they do anything important or even useful, is it?

I’ve got a simple, cost effective answer to all this – stop testing for doping altogether. Let these idiots waste their bodies with these substances and do what they like. It levels the playing field at a stroke, hopeful rids the gene pool of a few of the worst offenders and, to be honest, who really cares anyway?…


4 responses to “Running, jumping, shooting up…

  1. Hello Dioclese, I forgot you were due back from the latest holiday. I trust you had a good time.

    I could not agree more with your sentiments. I've been saying the same things for years. I find it extremely depressing that I live in a society where the ability to kick a ball is more highly rewarded than the ability to operate on a human brain. I find it hard to come to terms with the fact that “sport” has been elevated so much in importance. I guess it can be explained by the vast amounts of money involved.

    It's been going on for years. It was obvious that the eastern bloc countries were doing it with the full knowledge and support of the various state governments. It was bound to spread world wide. It won't be long before they have to give up night time events because the buggers will glow in the dark.

  2. Good to be back. Like they say – it's good to travel but it's good to get home afterwards. The drive back from Scotland was a right sod! Anyone going that way needs to avoid Scotch Corner. The traffic is horrendous round there!

    I'm off to Oz in September…

  3. I agree with your sentiment of 'athletes' using drugs if they want to, but let's get it out in the open with competitors openly sponsored by drug companies. Then the correct results could be proclaimed at the award ceremonies, “In first place it's the Russian Chemical Factory which sponsored the lady with the big muscles and the beard, while in second place it's China's Wang Kin Performance Enhancing Powder Company, with Argentina's Malvinas Is Ours Drinks Corporation coming in third, but demanding a recount. Sadly, England was last as due to government austerity measures, their athletes could only afford one aspirin – to be shared between them”. It'll certainly make the Olympics more interesting.