Mr Seventeen


2 responses to “Mr Seventeen

  1. Not just the Mail:- it's an epithet used by the left to mean “Anyone who doesn't totally agree with us”.

  2. Have a look at Simon Clarks “about” him page on Taking liberties….I have always seen Simon as a non smoking fraud who self styles himself as lobby leader of smokers.

    The cunt has a long winded story mainly of failed attempts to work in different organisations or bollocks about football but not one word about Smoking.

    Fucking nothing….no passion , no dreams ,no battles, no desires about smoking…fucking nothing….he takes a salary from tobacco companies thats all……no wonder Debs Arnot shuts him up and cuts him down to a long faced silence when she points out he dosen't smoke

    He dosen't care either!!…cos posh central London Hotels full of city types and celebrities aint doing anything for smokers .

    Ever been in a smoking shelter thats not atatched to some upper class establishment and spoken to real people Simon?…..NO FUCKING CHANCE.