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  1. Our very own smoking denial jiadhist…Frank Davis (banging on about the smoking ban) blog, has a cracking review (aug 6th) on an old book (1978 )called smoking is good for you.

    here is a snippet:.
    Much of the book is given over to not only debunking the belief that smoking causes lung cancer (or anything else), and the passive smoking scare, but also declaring that smoking is an effective treatment of many chest complaints, including bronchitis and asthma.

    Nevertheless, Whitby remains a voice of sanity in an increasingly insane world.

    This really is what the loons think in his cult….and I wasn't exaggerating about him being a jihadist either, Frank has hit the national newspapers in the past with death threats to health workers involved with smoking, and armed resistance too.

    Of course Frank had to plead he was bullshitting over the death threats, although his army gear including weapons as I remember was not denied……its hard to remember all of Franks daily rants many of which involves hitler and a future revolution which means a nasty end with piano wire and lamposts for health advisors

    Add him to you blogroll Dioclese… blog by far.


  2. Dear Rickie,
    You are funnier than the photo-shopped Mr Men jokes.

    You seem to be obsessed by the oppressed smokers' bloggers who have got nowhere persuading the government they have got many facts wrong about the health hazards of smoking.

    You are a right bore when high jacking out of context to give your same script opinions about the “smoking ban” and “pro-smoker blogs” subjects. Nobody gives a fig anymore. It's all old news we have seen and heard before. Forget it and move on like the rest of us bloggers.

  3. I'm sure Roger Hargraves (the creator of the Mr Men illustrations) is amused that his “Mr Bump” and other Mr Men characters are used by jokers to politically satirise a subject. However, “Mr Jihad” and other changed name Mr Men characters are not Hargraves work. I say don't use the Hargraves name signature (seen on all his original Mr Men cartoons) that you have photo-shopped to create alternative Mr Men satire. Please edit out his signature from the original Mr Men cartoons if you have used them to make a funny picture joke for your blog.

  4. “they have got nowhere persuading the government they have got many facts wrong about the health hazards of smoking”

    Tis cos not one of the denialists will ever utter one word about the so called “facts” under their real names in the media.

    The paid to speak pro smoke lobbyists like its leader non smoking Simon Clark are the only voices for smokers and they agree with (A.S.H) 100% on the dangers of smoking and will not mention any doubt over the facts.

    I agree most smoking bloggers have moved on….but while there is a gifted blogger still churning out denial daily I will enjoy reading it and commenting on it.