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  1. Have a nice break Dioclese.

    I thought I would give you a quick review of Pro smoking blogs who are self styled lobbyists/warriors fighting the cruel smoking ban.

    Freedom2choose….fuck all for several months
    freedom2 choose Scotland Nowt since April
    Nothing2 declare….fuck all for several months
    Tea and cigarettes….Blog closed down

    Velvet glove Iron fist…..Makes money out of denial by selling books so is still shitting it out regular.
    Taking Liberties…..paid to shit out smoking posts

    Frank Davis….A real deal denialist with a commited cult of followers

    Dick Puddlecote…..loony who will attack any Government health advice because smoking lobbying never got started.

    Citizens united against Nannying tyrants….Nowt for a year.

    Bolton Smoking club…Seems to have given up with smoking denial lobbying except for Tobacco plant growing tips…E.U bashing site

    Its all bollocks….piss poor blog…nothing for months.

    Smoking Scot…blog gone.

    Octabber…Resistance, proved that 31 pro smoking bloggers want be anonymous and will stay hidden….blog seems to be a once a year post.

    Whats happened to pro smoke lobbying?…well the no brainer truth is the public do not want the smoking ban ended, infact they couldn't give a shit about further improvements to the ban either, its a non event lobbying against smoking, its leader Simon Clark ( taking liberties blog) is ignored except for a ….well lets be generous and call it 12 regular posters on his blog.

    How have pro smoke blog hosts reacted to the failure of lobbying….the majority have fucked off along with their followers, those that are on an earner out of smoking keep going and a couple of dedicated smoking loonies. Dick Puddlecote waste numerous hours every week publishing shite which mostly dosen't involve smoking , I hope he keeps going for many years to come….his anger and torment is a just reward for his denial support.

    Frank Davis the home of pro smoke denial…..real denial, real dedicated cult members…….he dosen't get paid, there is an honesty with Frank that none of the shithouses who mimic him have achieved, thats why he gets dedicated followers.

    Pro smoke lobbying was never real, only paid for lobbying prostitutes could be identified.

    Debs Arnot (ASH) got her way 100% with no opposition.

    You have yourselves to blame smokers, you couldn't be arsed to do fuck all.