Sack the bastard…

Some people take taking the piss to a whole new level – and Mr Speaker Bercow is certainly one of them…

It’s true that a lot of people were exposed during the expenses scandal. It’s also true that many of them  took the public reaction aboard and rained in their claims. Bercow isn’t one of them. Because Bercow considers himself above all others when it comes to what he decides to do with taxpayers’ money.

After a freedom of information request, it seems that Bercow is continuing to take the piss and not giving a damn about it. Take for example a claim for a chaufeur driven car to drive him from the House to Carlton House Terrace, just 0.7 miles away. The bill? A mere £172.

In May 2013 there was a £367 bill for the Speaker to be driven to the University of Bedfordshire, where he gave a lecture on reforming parliament to ensure it was a ‘credible institution’. ‘The expenses scandal proved to be an ‘adapt or die’ moment for Members of Parliament,’ he said. If that’s not taking the piss, I don’t know what is!

Then there’s the £142 for a car to take him to the Dorchester, 1.5 miles away.

A spokesman said “In line with his ongoing policy of reducing expenditure, he intends to use the car service only in circumstances when it is absolutely necessary.”

And these examples are just the tip of the iceberg. The spokesman added: ‘The Speaker is committed to cutting costs wherever possible, and the overall expenditure of the Speaker’s Office has fallen during his tenure from £626,029 in 2009/10 to £504,737 in 2014/15, representing a reduction of 19.4 per cent since he was elected to the role.”

Bullshit, puffenstuff and bloody nonsense! He justifies this wanton waste by pointing out that it’s 19% less that the year when the wanton waste was even higher. Typical political answer. Says a lot – means nothing.

The man’s a disgrace and should be sacked immediately for bringing Parliament into disrepute.


9 responses to “Sack the bastard…

  1. And with the revelations about Lord Sewel, it's difficult to know which of these hypocritical bastards to sack first!

  2. And these are the bastards who want the rest of us to abandon our cars, use public transport and preferably bicycles. To answer one of your questions, no these fuckers have no sense of shame at all, but I'd better shut up or someone will accuse me of suffering from “the politics of envy”.

  3. They do it because they can. Because they're greedy bastards who would make a pig baulk at their greed. They are protected you see – by their own. Oh yes a few end up in court (ex Rotheram Liboor MP being a case in point), but, by and large there is nothing we can do, and they know it. You can be sure that they will pontificate at length about how we should live our lives, and they will nanny us to death until we comply. A completely different set of rules applies to them – natch.

    Twas ever thus.

  4. Mr Esq, It isn't and couldn't be accused as envy at all, it's justifiable outrage.
    The problem with TPTB is they are all insulated from the effects of their idealistic doctrines by income and position.
    They can open and control the contents of our wallets with impunity. The missing element is democracy, it's been absent for decades. They've, we've allowed them to, build, a near impenetrable fortress. By introducing arcane complexity into legislation and the continuance of inferred fear, nannying, they have become unassailable.
    Empires have been built and they will defend them whatever it takes.

  5. Pigs at the trough.

  6. Yep – they think they're above the law. In Sewel's case it will be interesting to see if they are right…

  7. There used to be a nice English tradition, which involved placing heads on a pole by the city gates, pour encourager les autres