Hoorah! We’re a Fairtrade town!

A Small Town Man post…

Well, we’re having a celebration here in Smalltown this week because we’ve just become a Fairtrade Town. We’re so proud we’re almost bursting!

It’s fantastic news. We’ve been judged against a strict set of criteria and proved worthy.  We asked Norah Bone, our local Smalltown councillor, what it was all about. Here’s what she had to say…

“It all started last year when the council thought it would be a jolly good idea and decided to throw some taxpayers’ money at it to give the town a boost!

We gave the bid a great big grant so they could hold events and print leaflets to publicise what a jolly good cause Fairtrade is to support. It’s important that we support the poor starving farmers in Africa so they can afford to send their sons to that camp in Calais where everyone is gathering to come over here to visit us and spend money in the town.

The local businesses are really behind the idea. It raises the moral tone of the town and makes people want to come here and spend money in our local shops because it’s the right thing to do. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to celebrate with a nice glass of Fairtrade wine!”

Unfortunately, the local cafe’s, restaurants and shops have all had to raise their prices to cover the additional costs of buying Fairtrade, so it’s actually a bit of an own goal, but never mind! It’s the right thing to do and in Smalltown, we’re very big on that!

We’re so lucky to live here…


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