Meet Comrade Corbyn

There’s been a lot of stuff flying around about Jeremy Corbyn lately, so I thought I’d take a step back and take a long hard look a the man who is apparently leading the race to be the next leader of the opposition – well, if the SNP allow it that is!

Should Corbyn be elected – and that looks pretty much likely under the ‘business as usual’ democratic policies of Unite (that’s sarcasm, incidentally) it would represent the biggest lurch to the left in Labour’s policies since the days of Michael Foot in the 1980’s. Bye bye austerity, hello new financial crisis.

He plans to renationalise the railways and utilities, support nuclear disarmament, reunify Ireland, scrap Trident, change foreign policy to support groups like Hamas, scrap tuition fees and many more off the wall impractical ideas. Like scrapping the monarchy and making Britain into a republic – presumably with himself as Supreme Leader? Or is that Len McCluskey’s job?

The immediate question is, of course, how the hell does he propose to pay for it all? Well, a 7% increase in National Insurance and a rise in Corporation Tax for a start. Then there’s a 75% top tax rate.

The point is that the sums don’t even remotely add up so all the pain suffered across the board since Brown became PM and started destroying the economy will be just pissed up the wall and we’re back to dogma over practicality, brain not engaged.

Sound unlikely? Well, no it isn’t. You have to be as old as me to remember the ‘brain drain’ – all the wealthy people leaving the country in droves and taking their money and talents with them. If Corbyn ever becomes PM then it’ll happen all over again and history will repeat itself. I remember a time when the top rate of income tax in the UK was 90% under Labour and they had a lovely little 15% tax on top of that called the ‘investment income surcharge’. This meant that if you had any investment income, it was taxed at 105%. Yes, I really did say for every £1 extra you earn, you give £1.05 to the government.

No incentive, no investment. No investment, no growth. No growth, no jobs. Redistribution of wealth – the old Labour left sacred cow – simply does not work.

Think it can’t happen again? Corbyn doesn’t. He believes it would be a distinct advantage. Just remember the old saying :

Moses said ‘pick up thy tools, mount your asses and I will lead you to the promised land’. Labour say ‘put down your tools, sit on your asses. This is the promised land.”

Some say that Corbyn as leader would keep Labour out of power for the next two elections at least. I say don’t risk it..!


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  1. I am also old enough to remember the so-called “brain drain”. I thought it was a load of old bollocks back then and I haven't changed my mind since. My take on it is that it was a greedy load of opportunistic bastards who wanted to hold the country to ransom in much the same way as the militant unions. That is, give us or own way or we're leaving. Fair enough go, but don't fucking come crawling back when things don't quite work out how you think they will.

    I don't see why the better off shouldn't pay more by way of taxation, each according to their means and so on. After all, since the changes in income tax since Margaret Thatcher's time, and on through the Blair/Brown administrations, the gap between “rich” and “poor” has undoubtedly widened – very nice if you happen to be one of the rich. I for one would very much welcome a little redistribution of wealth.

    As for re-nationalisation of certain industries, I believe that vital services like water and power should be under the control of our own government. I certainly don't like the idea of our gas, electricity generation, and water being owned by French companies for example.

    Anyway, before all the nightmare things you say could happen, a Corbyn led Labour Party has got to win a General Election first – most unlikely if the majority of folk agree with your predictions.

    I think it would make a very refreshing change to have a proper left-wing Labour Party on the scene, instead of several indistinguishable “middle of the road” parties.

  2. As an accountant in a former life, I have certain strong views on taxation. I believe that the best way to relieve tax is through the personal allowance because it takes the lowest paid right out of the system.

    I've no problem in principle with then having a lower and higher rate band. The problem I have with people like Corbyn is that he wants multiple higher bands which effectively limit people's top income capacity – and that kills investment and enterprise.

    Let's not forget that if you earn £200,000 (taxable income) then you already pay twice the tax as somebody on £100,000 if the % stays the same – so why should you pay 60% instead of 30% on the that income and effectively 4 times the tax?

    And let's not forget IHT where they tax you on death on income you already paid tax on while you were alive! This is the politics of envy which old Labour were very good at.

    As regards re-nationalisation, the principle of public services in public ownership is fine, but if he wants to renationalise them where's the money coming from? Or are we talking about nationalisation without compensation which is effectively state theft. If he does that, you pension fund is well and truly stuffed…

    And don't forget that the policies I've named are not predictions – they're what he's actually said he'll do.

  3. I was really referring to your predictions on the outcome of him carrying out his policies.

    I agree that taxing income from earnings is the best and fairest way for a government to raise money. In fact, I think that it would be fairer and simpler if income tax was
    higher and some other taxes scrapped, inheritance tax for example. I also don't see why we should pay tax on interest from savings, having already paid tax on the capital, but there again I'm not an accountant.

    What evidence can you provide that having several tax bands “kills investment and enterprise”? If it's accepted that having a minimum wage is a good thing, why not also have a maximum wage limit? After all, who really needs more than say £300,000 a year? Surely that sort of income would provide all the creature comforts anyone could want.

    Oh, and the phrase “politics of envy” is always used by the “I'm okay Jack, bugger the rest” crowd, isn't it?

  4. If you earn, say, £70,000 and you get a rise to £75,000 a year then pay 75% in tax and 7% in NI then you keep £1,260 of it so it means that the employer has to give massive rises so that the employee gets an – as he sees it – acceptable increase. This pisses the employee off.

    I do accept that there are senior managers in all walks of life getting ridiculous salaries but then I think the PM is underpaid for the responsibility – and he does get golden hellos and multi million pound bonuses. Mind you, I ban bonuses altogether. People already get a wage for what they do, so why do they get more as a bonus?

    I go back to my dad's experience : a 105% tax rate can't be right can it?

  5. Should have read 'doesn't get golden helllos' of course. Bloody PC can't spell for toffee…

    And should anyone get more than the man who runs the country?

  6. “Oh, and the phrase “politics of envy” is always used by the “I'm okay Jack, bugger the rest” crowd, isn't it?”
    I use the “politics of envy” term against the socialists and I don't have a pot to piss in. It's a very accurate description.
    The term explained: I haven't made it, I can't make it, often I can't be arsed to try and make it, if by chance you have made it, it is my god given right to help you spend it.
    The realisation of socialism is the destruction of aspiration and equalised misery for all.
    Human nature is acquisitive, some are prepared to earn it and some think it should be given to them.

    I agree that the government should retain a controlling influence in all the utilities that said there are a few obvious issues, every job available for a person the government would employ two or three and it also open up the possibility that the utilities could become the trade union barons personal fiefdoms, we all know how that would turn out.

  7. It's simple really isn't it? Vote Corbyn, get McClusksy…

    I've done a lot of work for government departments over the years. In general – and stress in general – there's too many people doing not enough work. There's a total lack of initiative, a general laziness and apathy, and nobody prepared to make decisions in case it comes back and bites them.

    Mrs D is an ex-civil servant. When we discuss this she can't believe how it's changed since her day. She just doesn't recognize the Service as it is nowadays. Basically, a lot of it is concealed unemployment.

    More staff = more member for Unite and the other unions of course and that's why they want it.

    Immigration is the same. Labour encouraged it so that they got more votes. Simple. Give me benefits and I'll vote for you.

  8. I must admit I've only ever heard it used by smug, self-satisfied “rich” individuals, who think that people working 12 hour shifts in care homes doing work that the smug, self-satisfied “rich” people wouldn't dream of doing are lucky to have a job.

    However, I take your point, I too have little truck with people who don't even try, But when you're slogging your guts out for what seems like a pittance and you hear some smug, self-satisfied “rich” person use that phrase it does rather make one's blood boil.

  9. I certainly agree that 105% tax is ridiculous. I also agree regarding bonuses, ditto the PM's salary. At the same time, I think there's an awful lot of people doing hard, shitty jobs that don't get anywhere near what they deserve.

  10. Yeah – getting paid through the nose for not trying – or in a lot of cases making huge severance payments for failing – get right up my nose.

    I spent best part of 20 years as a freelancer. One job I had I started at 7am and worked until midnight every night. OK – I got paid by the hour, but I worked bloody hard all the same. Amazingly, I had two days off in all that time – both due to food poisoning – one at a restaurant in Leeds that our CEO loved and took me too one lunchtime, and the other from the GCHQ canteen – although I probably just broke the official secrets act telling you that!

  11. XX I don't see why the better off shouldn't pay more by way of taxation, each according to their means and so on.XX What you mean is, YOU want to live comfotably off the backs of people that have worked their bollox off, whilst YOU have been a lazy little arsehole, and done fuck ALL pull youself out of your self made shit pool.

  12. I think it would make a very refreshing change to have a proper left-wing Labour Party on the scene, instead of several indistinguishable “middle of the road” parties

    Spot on Eyesaqwnt, tis the reason Labour bashers go back 35-50 years with a union bashing shite spin cos political parties are so lookalike now.

    My vote went UKIP just on immgration really…..the difference between Lab/Con/lib is Austerity slower or quicker to reduce debt

    Farage dosen't look like he will ever shake up things and make them interesting, at least Corbyn is saying something different.

    Right wing bloggers hate the idea its all so so lookalikey with Cameron and milliband both appearing to have the same scrpit writers during the election.


  13. First of all you fucking ignorant bastard you know fuck all about my working life. I've never received a single benefit, everything I have I worked damned hard for.

    This is not the first time you've made personal remarks on blogs. I know you've been banned from at least one other blog, I also know that Dioclese does not ban posters. However when you make personal insults he might take a different view.

    You seem to take great delight in making personally offensive remarks. I think you're the sad cunt not me, and while we're at it learn to use quotation marks you thick twat! If your pseudonym is any indication of your origins then I suppose English is not your mother tongue, still that does not give you the right to be offensive.

  14. I think you gave as good as you got there, Eyes?

    I don't always agree with Furor and have said so on occasions. I give as good as I get.

    Not aimed really at anyone in particular, but if people tell I'm a cunt I tend to say to them 'So what? So are you…”

  15. Actually Rickie the reason I go back 35-50 years with 'union bashing shite' is because I was there and remember just what shite the unions of the time handed out – and I don't want to go back there.

    I also voted UKIP because of immigration and the bloody Fourth Reich – on which I think my views are well recorded? I'm not a particular fan of Labour or Conservative although I've never voted Labour and it's unlikely I ever would. All of this is easy for me to say because I've never lived anywhere except in a safe Tory seat.

    Basically, the unions really ARE shite these days and just in it for themselves

  16. Mr D, My aged aunt was an eo in the civil service she admits what now passes for civil service would be unrecognisable in her day. My daughter was a council employee in an office of six, she readily admitted she could do all their jobs herself and still find time to file her nails.
    If you go to the higher echelons of uselessness, top end civil servants, it would appear we have a reloadable carousel, if you fail in one area, as they usually do, you may have to resign from your position but you'll be reloaded on the carousel to be ejected into another position you'll monumentally fail at. How do you, or what do you have to do to be taken off it and more importantly what are the criteria for getting on it.

    Mr Esq, I don't think it's a rich person's term at all, I think it's middle to lower income bracket people who use it the most. “why should I bother because there is little or no reward in it.” The most vociferous I find are the socialists who have enough but want more. My closest friend is a millionaire, I don't begrudge him a penny, he's put in more effort and taken more risks than I would be prepared to do. I don't earn enough to pay tax at all.
    I have a sister in law and her partner who both work on a semi part time basis they both do about 25/30 hours a week, both card carrying socialists. They complained about always being short on rent pay day. The sister in law didn't really want to work at all and her partner liked his flexible hours so he could spend time with his pigeons.
    I suggested that the only way forward was to work more, they both saw this as a hideous concept and thought they did enough hours between them to fund their desired lifestyle.

    Rickie, I think it would be a great idea to elect Corbyn as leader, as I said at least he stands for something, totally unelectable of course.
    The modern way of politics is “get elected” if you don't like these principles we have others.
    What labour party supporters can't seem to grasp is without a ,relative, poverty base being maintained their entire raison d'etre collapses. They haven't got your back, they're standing on it.
    The labour party:
    A bunch of rich people
    convincing poor people
    to vote for rich people
    by telling poor people
    that other “rich” people
    are the reason they're poor.

    The labour party have done more to shaft their own core support than any other party, mass immigration et al, and there is some very strong competition.
    Still people vote for and support them. Socialism is a religious calling it has no basis in reality and it's the antithesis of human nature.

  17. Ever noticed that when 'the unions' go on strike, their leaders don't go out of pocket…. Scargill and the miners, for example. Many lost their jobs, he didn't.

  18. The unions haven't gone in hiding for for decades have they?

    Whats changed in the last 35-50 is the gap between the parties is almost unoticeable unless you go back to when the Bay city rollers were number one.

    Union bashing is incredible where I work by tightfisted colleagues …its only when you list all the agreements and improvements the union have agreed you shut them up.

    People have very short memories of non union working conditions…..honest the facts just don't seem to ever get recognised when the ” whats the union ever done here” rants start.

    Fucking morons….they don;'t deserve a free union agreed bonuses and pay rises and other conditions that were extinct for decades before…..they were employed by the company when the motto was “shut the fuck up”.


  19. Ooohhh I am trembling in my boots!

  20. It goes something like this:

    Parties don’t win elections, governments’ lose them.

    The Tories have about 4.5 years to make sure they don’t hand things over to Labour.

    However Cameron has stated that he doesn’t want a third term as PM, so it looks like we’ll see the same sort of thing again before the end of this parliament, with the next Tory leader being scrutinised in great detail.

    Certainly with front runners like Boris, Georgie or Tess, there’s ample scope to turn people off. They all come with a heavy load of baggage. However it is possible that we might see an end to things like big society and that horrid 0.7% we squander on overseas aid (both pets of Dave).

    If they lose to a Labour party headed by Corbyn, they’ll have had to mess up thoroughly – and so too will the SNP. Without Scotland they really don’t stand much of a chance of success at the next GE, irrespective of who wins the leadership election.

    Yet let’s face it, Balls was as much a liability as Miliband and try as he might Corbyn will have to deal with whomsoever the party elects as chancellor. It is possible that person may have some grasp of issues economic. Maybe.

    However D we’ll have to agree to disagree on the subject of Palestine, because on that issue I side with Corbyn and if another blogger is correct in his interpretation, then yes I’d love to see Blair face trial for the wrongs he committed whilst in office. That – it seems – is only likely to happen if Corbyn’s in the hot seat.

    So I wait for when Cameron steps down, or is forced to do so.

  21. As I remember, Scargill got himself elected President for Life didn't he?

  22. Nicey put, Fly.

    I always thought that 'millionaire socialist' was an oxymoron…

  23. The unions had their place and their day. Nobody would deny that Victorian working standards and conditions were appalling and I give the unions credit for their part in changing that.

    But those days are gone. The unions now just manipulate their members for their own benefit. The miners strike wasn't about mines. It was about bringing down the government and replacing it with one ruled by the unions. Scargill was mainly interested in Scargill. even his own members saw that in the end and formed another union to exclude him.

    No, I'm afraid they are dinosaurs. They've failed to adapt, are rife with left wing political dogma and out for what they can get. Look at the Tube strikes recently. They been made an offer that outshines anything anybody else has got but they still go on strike. Why? To protest against austerity and the Tory government.

    FFS take the offer, pocket the cash, get on with your jobs and tell your union bully boys to sod off.

    As regards working conditions, I've always thought 'you know what the wages and terms are and if you don't like them then go work somewhere else'

  24. Memories of times past. Who remembers Wilson's “red hot technological revolution, which turned out to be beer and sarnies with the union barons in Downing Street. Do you remember his Selective employment Tax. Just as the computer industry was getting going, he put an extra tax on it, so all the programmers and computer experts went to California. Such brilliant foresight. Do you remember the end of that regime, when we had the IMF running the economy, we were in the same state as Greece is now. All these things that the MSM prefer to forget. Happy Labour days!!!!