Apparently not…

I had to piss my self laughing when I heard about a bunch of hackers getting into the infidelity site Ashley Madison and grabbing all the details of the sleazeballs that inhabit it. Serves the fuckers right!

Apparently “Life’s too short. Have an affair!” Well, I say bollocks to that. I’ve often been appalled by the behaviour of men who reckon that the best way to go through life is to stop thinking with your head and start thinking with your crotch. Sometimes I feel ashamed to be part of the same sex.

But hang on! There’s an assumption here that this site is populated predominantly with men looking for a bit on the side. This thing cuts both ways because it takes two to tango. The women must be just as bad. I find that even more appalling because women have been striving for equality with men – and that’s fine – but do they really have to stoop to the same moral lows in order to do so? If so, how disappointing!

I’ve been married for 31 years to my second wife. The first one pissed off after shagging the next door neighbour taking all my money, credit cards, house contents, car and daughter with her, so from my point of view life isn’t too short so have an affair. When I married my wives, I meant what I said. Seemingly the first Mrs D couldn’t live up to her promises even though I did. I’ve no such qualms with the the second Mrs D because, apart from anything else, her first husband shit all over her.

I’m not taking a religious stance here. I’m not even trying to take the moral high ground. However, I do think that fucking about like this – literally – destroys a relationship that really ought to mean a hell of a lot more than just sex. We’re rational human beings (hopefully) not alley cats.

Then another thought occurred to me. This shower or morally repressed shite is about to float on the stock exchange making millions for its founders. What better way to publicise the company than to put out a story like this? Call me cynical but that doesn’t make me wrong.

I thought Hugh Hefner was a slimy creep when he founded Playboy, but these guys put him to shame. I sincerely hope this all comes back to bite them.


8 responses to “Apparently not…

  1. Excellent post, back to your normally high standards. I agree 100% on this issue. I'm not married, but I'm sure that if I was I would keep my wedding vows and would expect my wife to also.

    Being single doesn't mean I shag around either, in fact I've been celibate for the last 40 years. I know that probably makes me weird in the eyes of the majority, but so what? I deplore the behaviour of both sexes that consider casual sex as okay, and especially those men who go round fathering umpteen kids all by different women.

    The fact that there's a website that openly advertises for people to commit adultery is appalling. It's a clear indication that society has become almost completely decadent, and like you I find it disgusting that these scum bags will no doubt all become extremely wealthy out of it.

  2. As you so rightly say, it's not only men who appear to be morally bankrupt. There is, apparently, a website run by and for women who are looking for sugar daddies to support them, including through university, in return for undisclosed services. If this is not living off immoral earnings I'd be surprised. Been married for 43 years and never strayed (I like being attached to my testicles too much!).

  3. Hmmm. Not many men would honestly subscribe to the idea that having sex with only one person for the rest of your natural life is normal or desirable.

  4. True, Bucko. I'm one of them tho'…

  5. I have never strayed from my marriage vows. They are sacrosanct. Although, I have been married five times.

  6. You're supposed to be on holiday. Get back to the beach you sad bastard!…

  7. Terrific post. With you all the way.

  8. Yer, just on my way to the pool. Then off for a massage……..