A cabbie speaks out…

Now come on! I’ve been a cabbie for thirty years and I fink I’ve heard it all, but what’s all this bollocks about me being a bloody counsellor? I mean, whats that all about eh?

Saw it on the google box yesterday. Some dozy bird from the Royal Society for Public Health whatever that is spouting some consultant speak crap about barbers, bookies cabbies and Chris’ know who else being trained up to help loonies sort themselves out.

I mean, who was this bird anyway? Didn’t look old enough to know bugger all about real life and there she is filling the ethnic minority quota slot for some bloody dodgy government quango or somethin’. No doubt straight out of uni with a degree in some ology or other desperate to do anything to repay her student loans.

I’m telling yer, the NHS is a joke these days, innit? And stuff like this makes it a bloody laughing stock, know what I mean?

Mind you, she had a cracking pair of knockers and I’d have given her one. I mean, you’d have to be loony not to, wouldn’ yer?

And did I mention, I had that Boris Johnson in the back of my cab once…


3 responses to “A cabbie speaks out…

  1. rapscallion

    “Mind you, she had a cracking pair of knockers and I'd have given her one”

    Plain common sense if you ask me đŸ™‚

  2. Wot sort of cabbies, yer been hanging out with. Quango? Most cabbies wouldn't know a Quango from an elected body. Except the fella who won 'Mastermind'.

  3. Quango? They make Tuk-tuks don't they?…