Nothing happening

This may come as huge relief to some of you out there, but for the first time in 1,995 days I’ve got absolutely nothing to say.

It’s been the most boring day I can remember. Even looking through the Daily Mail – which shows a certain desperation – revealed absolutely nothing worth commenting on.

Maybe tomorrow will be more interesting?


6 responses to “Nothing happening

  1. Maybe that's good. You know that Chinese proverb, “May you live in interesting times”, it's supposed to be a curse, so who knows, perhaps it's better to live in boring times.

    As far as topics go, you're not usually at a loss. How about a personal gripe. Driving is always fertile ground for a good argument. Two of my pet peeves are drivers who don't use their indicators, and the growing trend of drivers who ignore the white lines. The number of times just lately that I've met cars coming the other way, over the white lines well over on my half of the road. Are they all Johnny foreigners who can't remember that we drive on the left hand side of the road, or are they just fucking useless lazy bastards who don't give a toss?

  2. Personal gripe?
    Bastards who park on yellow lines all day while they go to work and never get ticketed.
    Ditto bastards who park down my road because they're too mean to pay £7 a week for the car park they walk past on their way back to town.
    Miserable tight fisted fuckers….!

  3. The drivers in Thailand are interesting. The shuttle bus taking us to the airport overtook on a blind bend. Although it was pitch black some daft bugger on a scooter had no lights! As for Zebra crossings- a complete waste of time as no one stops.

  4. Other peeves:
    Lane-hoggers (usually going at 55mph in a 70 limit)
    Fools needing 3 miles clear in both directions before they turn right.
    Overtaking on the nearside
    Taxis belching black diesel fumes (the local authority will take these off the road if you report their registration/taxi number)
    Underpowered lorries passing one another at +0.1mph, taking 3miles over it.

  5. Problem with lorries is they're governed to 60mph so they can't overtake under half an hour. They're a particular pain on two lane motorways!

    And what about people who can't reverse park in a space four times the length of their car? Idiots…

  6. And how many of those transgressors are behind the wheel of a BMW or Audi?