Hands off our wolf !

A Small Town Man post…

Say hello to Willow the Wolf. Willow is part of an initiate in Smalltown Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk to “enhance the visitors’ experience of our town.”

26 wolves have been specially commissioned to spread across the historic centre of the town. The idea was nicked from inspired by similar initiatives by other towns across the country.

The first one went on display in Angel Hill and was almost immediately the subject of an attempted theft! Who would do such a thing to such a piece of crap noteworthy work of art?

The Business Improvement Group is horrified but relieved that the concrete block it’s wired to stringent anti-theft measures prevented the crime. The remaining 25 wolves go on view this week.

My particular favourite is one made by 10 year old children out of torn up newspaper. Or perhaps the one made from plastic milk bottles. Clearly there is no end of old tat artistic flair in Bury!

There are several theories explaining the attempted theft. Some think it is a disgruntled ratepayer who thinks it’s a flagrant waste of money. Shurely not! Not in Bury! They’d never do such a thing! Have you not seen the magnificent metal tree sculptures?

Others think that it was an attempt to remove the wolf and submit it for the annual Turnip Prize where it would have been a sure fire winner.

My personal favourite is that somebody just needed the firewood…


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