Scrounger of the month

Say hello to Gwynfor Jones who I proudly proclaim to be ‘Scrounger of the month’ for July…

50 year old father of two Gwynfor pockets around £1,340 a month in benefits and says he can’t climb three steps or walk 100ft without a stick.

Strangely, he might claim he is too disabled to work but he appears quite capable of picking up his 17-stone, £4,295 Shoprider Cadiz mobility scooter by the axle and hauling it up the five steps to his one-bedroom council flat in Bournemouth.

Jones said he feared he would lose everything if officials caught him lugging the heavy machine to his front door, but insisted he could manage only three steps before collapsing. He told The Sun: ‘I’m not physically capable of working and haven’t been for years. I need the scooter. I can walk up three steps before I’m buggered.’ Shame there’s five steps up to his flat then. Must be a bit of a problem stopping half way up.

When confronted, the twice-divorced former trucker said: ‘The authorities would have my guts for garters if they saw this. They’d say I don’t need benefits.’

Well, you don’t really, do you Gwynfor?


5 responses to “Scrounger of the month

  1. Yep, he is well and truly spakkered.

  2. Taffy was a Welshman, Taffy was a thief……

    The country is awash with these bastards. The number of people you hear about on invalidity benefits who never seem to have a health problem when it comes to doing something they enjoy – not working obviously. A friend of my dad has a neighbour who claims he can't work because of a bad back yet he give martial arts lessons in his garage – the cunt.

    I hope the authorities do take a very close look at Gwynfor, be nice to hear that the thieving bastard has had his benefits stopped.

  3. The manufacturers of those electric designer go-carts called mobility scooters have got rich selling them to councils up and down country. Who in turn give them away (at taxpayers expense) to pretend disabled lazy bastard scroungers such as Gwynfor Jones.

  4. I am reasonably fit, I have quite a physical job, Both my hips are fucked. (Lucky them) I would be mortified to use a fuckwit's trolley unless I really have to. He's an Arse of the first water. And just to think, we have had the privilege of paying for him.

  5. I’ve worked as a male health care assistant for 16 years.Its hard work I’m not frustrated with the scrounges more with the system that allows it.Seems to me regardless of which government is in power these people slip through the loopholes have a stress free quality life crying about their human rights actually not caring about anyone else’s rights.They pick illnesses that the government cannot disprove just milk the system.The answer grass them up they don’t care about you or play by the rules feet up all snug why you go to work a ten hour shift they neck 10 cans stuff a doner kebab down their throat.Me myself and I no compassion for them anymore in fairness to the dole some of these scrounges are bloody good actors breaking down crying during their reviews ok when they get that indefinite higher band award though all comfy then fuck off starve the bastards.