More shite from Unite…

My favourite union leader, Len McCluskey, is at it again. Clearly fearing a backlash from yet another Tube strike that’s just been announced, he’s made some changes to the Unite constitution.

He’s removed the clause that requires Unite to operate within the law.

Now quite what makes Comrade McCluskey think that by removing that clause he’s not liable to prosecution under the laws of the land, I’m not sure. If he thinks it will make any difference in a court of law, then he’s even more of a deluded fuckwit than I thought he was – and that would be difficult!

He told activists: ‘Unite is not going to see itself rendered toothless by passively submitting to unjust laws. If the Tories wish to put trade unionism beyond the law then so be it. We are ready for the fight and we will, I believe, find allies among everyone who cares for freedom and democracy.’

The problem is, Len old son, that democracy requires adherence to the rule of law that has been put in place by a duly elected government ruling by the will of people. Now I know that might be a bit foreign to the land of Unite where the vast majority do what they are told by a leftie dictator, but that’s how it is.

And, of course, there’s a Labour leadership contest going on at the moment with Unite routing for their favourite leftie, so this puts pressure on the other candidates to declare how they feel abut changes currently going through the House on trades union reform.

What McCluskey wants is to destabilise the other candidates and get his man in place so that the Labour Party is controlled not by the person it elects but by Unite and in particular Len McCluskey. A bit like when Miliband was the leader – and look where that got them.

Odd definition of ‘freedom and democracy’ isn’t it?


4 responses to “More shite from Unite…

  1. Well, if it ends up putting Labour in the same situation the party was in under Miliband, then I say good, get on with it!

    Sadly however, It won't be comrade McCluskey that suffers in the process, it will be thousands of ordinary Unite members. I know from bitter personal experience the damage done to the rank and file by taking industrial action. And before anyone suggests that workers don't have to join trades unions, I'd just like to say that in many industries it's very difficult to get work without belonging to the union – even management in many cases don't like non-union employees.

  2. I post a link here from the Daily Grail which is their update info about the Labour Party leadership contest.

    The Daily Grail article contains some eye-watering information about Unite chief Len McCluskey's hard-left political mindset and how Unite union power is buying his choice of Labour Party leader.

  3. Disgusting isn't it? Democracy in action McCluskey style.

    Hitler and Himmler would have been proud to see this. But look on the bright side – Corbyn could keep Labour out of power for a generation…

  4. “…democracy requires adherence to the rule of law that has been put in place by a duly elected government ruling by the will of people.”
    There's your problem. A five year popularity contest which gives a handful of heartless toffs the seemingly unchallengeable right to make people do what they like.