Plain stupid as well…

Yesterday, a bunch of tree huggers calling themselves ‘Plane Stupid’ managed to breach the iron ring of security chain link fence around Heathrow and plunk themselves on the north runway to protest about a third runway – which incidentally hasn’t even been approved yet.

Now, I’m the first to admit that Cameron did actually say on camera “No ifs. No buts. There will not be a third runway at Heathrow’ which seems pretty clear although, to be fair, he is a politician so it’s possible I am taking him out of context and he didn’t actually mean that.

Personally, I don’t think a third runway is needed and would be better built at Gatwick where they actually seem to want it – but that’s not my point. What concerns me is given the massacre in Tunisia, the Lockerbie bombing and the 9/11 and 7/7 attacks, how the fuck did these people get onto the runway on the first place???

I’ve queued for many hours at airports over the years. I’ve thrown out my liquids over 100ml. I’ve had to remove belts and shoes and go through full body scanners. I’ve been body searched by hairy Russians. I endured all that in the interests of security when it seems that all I really needed to get airside was a pair of wire cutters.

And while we’re at it, what was the dozy security git doing sat in front of the CCTV cameras that monitor this fence?

It’s embarrassing for sure but, more than that, it’s simply dangerous and makes a mockery of any sort of pretence at airport security. The responsible managers should be sacked immediately and the firm responsible for security sent a bill for the millions of pounds that were wasted by the disruption.

And let’s prosecute the little bastards for criminal damage to the fence for starters, followed by a bill for the security operation to clear them away. That’ll sort the buggers out!

Plane Stupid? No, just plain stupid…


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  1. I've long held the view that “most security” measures are mere illusions, and do very little, or nothing to actually improve “security”, they only manage to inconvenience and irritate the law abiding majority. It's a case of “they have to be seen to be doing something”.

    These days, with all the publicity regarding terrorist outrages, anybody daft enough to break into an airport deserves to be shot on sight, otherwise what's the point of having armed personnel? All they do is strut about wearing mirror shades trying to look menacing, usually by glaring at grey haired little old ladies.

    I recall an article in one of the daily papers about one of these armed police officers, where he was quoted as saying that although he carried a firearm he hoped he'd never have to use it. My reaction was, in that case get the SAS to do the job, I'm sure they don't have any qualms about using their weapons.

  2. I agree that they should all be hanged…

    I would have driven one of those mahoosive snow ploughs through their 'protest', that would have shifted them…

    It is completely unacceptable that they gained access to the runways (although we used to do it when we were kids and lived close by)….

    From a terrorism point of view tho…

    You don't really need to get into an airport to cause mayhem do you? I remember when the IRA was kicking off – they had soldiers and armoured cars at the entrances to the airport yet the paddies still managed to fire mortars into it from the surrounding area…

    And those lumbering wide-body jets make easy targets from anywhere close by….

  3. It's just possible – and I hope I'm right – that a terrorist doing the same thing would have been greeted by aggressive heavily armed security, but knowing the situation a softer approach was adopted. Personally I don't have too much problem about heavy handed treatment of deliberate trespassers in a high security zone but it's just possible the authorities took a different view.

  4. These twats that are students that have just started school holidays or professional tree hugger types that have had a day out from fracking camp should be made to realise that pissing about with the worlds busiest airport means “prison” and a hefty fine because these cunts who are usually mummies boys that haven't started to shave and are proud owners of sinks in their bedrooms at home have been doing this for years and its not stopped them yet.

    Plane stupid were the first wankers who banned me from free speech years ago, after I dared to repeat my opinion for a second time …..they piss in the same pot as smokerloonies in denial….free speech no thank you!

    This Heathrow fun day out is a medal of honour for plane stupid cult members who will live off the glory of the success of the mission for years to come whilst sitting around the camp fire eating beans at a wind farm demonstration in 2025, whatever happens at Heathrow is of no concern to them.

    You know they don't give a fuck about “aviation” in general when you start to engage them on the subject…all they want to chat about in the threads is police arrests and what time they left the police station and how they lost a trainer and who will pay for a new pair , and how they didn't like sarcastic manner of the copper who arrested them..

    Cunts all of them!…those poor bastards who had long haul flights fucked up by should be allowed to piss on them whilst they are in then cells for a couple of hours


  5. Several years ago, was living in (West) Berlin when some left-wingers decided to hold a protest demonstration on the runway at Tegel airport in a similar fashion to the Plane Moronic Stupid lot. The authorities explained that debris had been found on the runway and it was necessary to hose it down. It was suggested to the protesters that they may wish to move, they refused and were subsequently hosed down by several fire appliances. They never did it again for some reason. Perhaps Heathrow security and management could learn a few lessons from our German friends?

  6. All 13 have been released….there punishment will be light gardening, or litter picking on community service and no doubt a video on manual handling techniques and other health and saftey issues before they start.

    Oh and of course a heroes celebration which will lead to yet more kids wanting to be battle hardened in their new hobby safe in the knowledge of T.V coverage and exemption from real punishment for their crime.


  7. XX I'm sure they don't have any qualms about using their weapons.XX

    Then you do not know the SAS, or any other soldier. The Policeman was correct. As any soldier, sailor or airman, serving or retired will tell you.

    Those who want to throw their weapon about in sprays of red hot lead are those that the forces do NOT want or need, and are weeded out during basic. Normally ending up as hopeless “Walt” cases in some closed unit where they may write home in purple crayon once per month, if nurse lets them.


    Look it up, ask Nurse if you are nor sure.

  8. “…he is a politician so it's possible I am taking him out of context and he didn't actually mean that…”

    He is a politician so it's a certainty that he's a lying twat.

  9. The point I was making is that there is no point issuing weapons to those who are not prepared to use them. I AM sure that all members of the SAS ARE prepared to use their weapons unlike the twat police officer in the article I read – I got the distinct impression that the berk would have wet himself if he was ever in a situation where he needed to use his firearm.

    Also members of the SAS are not like any soldier, sailor or airman – they are special, the clue is in the name.

  10. But he said it with such passion and sincerity!!!!!

  11. backofanenvelope

    Personally, I would carefully move them off the runway still attached to the fencing. And just leave them. I expect they had thrown the keys to their padlocks away.