Cold shouldering the cold callers…

You might remember a little while back I registered my disgust at the way Britain’s oldest poppy seller, Olive Cooke, was driven to her death after being hounded by cold callers and chuggers. I was pretty angry about that, but not half as angry as I was on Saturday morning listening to some drivel from a sacrificial government minster on the BBC.

He was pointing out that the current situation left a lot to be desired (understatement) but that there was no direct link between the practices of the chuggers and Olive’s death.

That’s when I started shouting at the TV screen – because Olive’s death absolutely definitely unequivocally WAS directly caused by these relentless and unscrupulous bastards hounding her to her grave.

A bit later on – after my blood pressure had dropped again and my piss had stopped boiling – I was nearly as equally angered by the shite in the Daily Mail. Cameron says he’s going to get tough with these unscrupulous people. Well, yeah right! Where have we heard that before? But that’s not the piss boiler. The piss boiler is that the Daily Fail is claiming this is a direct result of their exposure of these awful people and their relentless media campaign to do something about it.

Well, here’s my message to the Editor of the Mail : It’s bollocks, isn’t it? You know it’s bollocks, and I know it’s bollocks so, ergo, it’s bollocks!

And what is Cameron pledging? “Under tough measures to be introduced in Parliament next week, charities will be forced to have legally binding agreements with their fundraisers committing them to showing how they will protect the vulnerable. Charities with a turnover of more than £1million will also be obliged to document how they are monitoring their fundraisers to ensure they are not exploiting potential donors.”

So as long as you split your fundraising into less than £1million a time, you can do what the fuck you like and carry on hounding people with no comeback at all? Sounds about right.

And we also need to remember that if these people are as ruthless and unscrupulous as is claimed then signing a bit of paper and introducing a new law isn’t going to stop them.

Ignoring the law? Shurely not! After all when did you last see somebody driving down the road using a mobile phone? Or drug smugglers saying “Oooh! Best not do that. It’s illegal!”

Get a fucking grip, Dave!


5 responses to “Cold shouldering the cold callers…

  1. Well, that's a politicians answer to every issue isn't it? – introduce yet more legislation – that's all they ever do. Of course, this has a lot to do with the fact that the HOC is packed to the gunwales with fucking lawyers – just creating more and more work for those of their ilk.

    The simple answer would be to criminalise all cold calling – never mind whether or not you've previously had dealings with the callers beforehand. Prosecutions and lengthy prison sentences for those running these organisations might discourage the practise. Again more work for the fucking legal profession I'm afraid, but what alternative can you suggest? As far as phone calls go, it's possible for a relatively small outlay to purchase call blockers that can be set up to block a variety of calls such as, number withheld, calls from certain numbers etc.

    It never ceases to amaze me that some fuckwit thinks that simply by telephoning you or knocking on your front door that you will suddenly realise that you were completely unaware that you had always wanted to buy double glazing or a fitted kitchen. Don't they realise that if someone wants something they know perfectly well how to set about finding it. be it a service or product.

  2. These “Government” fuckwits are all missing the point. These calls do not, mostly, COME from the U.K, or even the E.U, but some back room in a rat infested paky stuffed shit hole in bloody Lahore, or somewhere. And/or from phone line numbers which are changed after about every three days.

    How does Commyron propose he gets Pakystan to enforce his wee little rule?

    UNLESS the law staes that any charity in whos name cold calls are made will be held fully responsible, as if those calls came from the director himself. Then make the director criminaly liable.

  3. Quite so. I've no problem with people rattling tins in the street – it's these fuckers banging on the door and asking you sign direct debits that really piss me off.

    Most people don't realise that these buggers are on commission only contracts so if you don't sign they don't get paid. I find asking them directly how many of my monthly payments get used to pay their wages is usually enough to make them fuck off smartly. You'd be surprised just how much of your hard earned 'contributions' go straight into their pockets…

  4. I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again Truecall. All cold calling is stopped dead in its tracks. You select who can get through. Everyone else is screened. I've not had one cold call get through since January 2013.

    The solution, as ever, is not government. Worried about granny being taken advantage of? Buy her a Truecall unit. and, no, I have no connection with the company apart from being a very satisfied customer.

    As for the door – we very rarely have anyone call round. If I'm expecting someone, I'll answer. If not, then I don't. When it was the nosy busybody from the ONS, I was expecting them and I ignored them. They haven't come back. Dealing with these people is simpler than is made out.

  5. Yes Truecall works but there is the satisfaction of picking up the phone waiting for them to speak and then hanging up.

    Never talk to them….its my little act of of defiance and fustration,

    I have caller display, I know virtually every time its a cold call yet I still pick up the phone, its time wasting for them.

    If everyone did it “cold calling” wouldn't work.