Stavros he say "Fuck you!"…

… and, quite frankly, I can’t say I’m surprised.

With two thirds of the votes counted as I write this it looks like the Greeks have decided to support their government and reject the terms offered to them by the Fourth Reich in return for allowing them to open their banks again.

You can’t back an animal into a corner and threaten its very existence and then expect it not to come out clawing tooth and nail for your throat. This principal seems to have been wholly lost on the people responsible for doing just that to Greece.

On Friday, the greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis, said he would rather cut off his right arm than sign the deal that was on the table. He then went on to say that Greece was effectively on a ‘war footing’.

Two things have struck me about the way this shower of shite has been dealt with. First, the offer that was put to Greece on Tuesday was immediately withdrawn when Prime Minster Tsipras said he’d put it to the people in a referendum. This is not the reaction of reasonable and logical people to somebody effectively saying “I personally don’t like your terms, but I’ll put it to the electorate.” It’s not the reaction of people who are serious about doing a deal.

Since then, the rhetoric in Germany and France in particular has been stepped up. Fair enough. Let’s all holler and shout our positions from the rooftops. That how we get our points across to people who need to hear them. This brings me to my second point : when they didn’t get the reaction they wanted (i.e scared the shit out of the Greek public) they decided to cut off the Greek banking system from the rest of the world by excluding them from the European Target2 electronic transfer system. You’d have had to scan the financial pages long and hard to spot that, but it did happen!

What this means is that Greek companies buying in raw materials from outside Greece were denied any method of transferring funds to their suppliers – even though they had the money to pay them with. This was blatent enemy action to force the closure and bankruptcy of Greek companies. Varoufakis was quite right in this respect when he called it an act of war.

So while it looks certain that the Greeks have stuck two fingers up to the deal that was on the table but then was taken off again (duh!) the question is ‘What happens next?’

Well, I’m fucked if I know…!


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  1. rapscallion

    These arrogant bastards of the EU have threatened and cajoled Greece with all sorts of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD for short). That odious specimen – Schulz, near as dammit predicted the 4 horses of the apocalypse for them if they didn't toe the line. The Greeks, God bless 'em, stuck up two fingers to the EU and said Fuck EU” The EU “leaders” were furious that the Greeks had called a referendum, which means that the plebs get a say – the very thing they hate the most. Only this time there is no way they can ask for another to produce the “correct” result. The last thing the EU wants now is for Greece to start to prosper, they will do everything in their power to punish Greece for having the temerity to stand up to their tyrannical ways. Make no mistake, Greece will be punished and then some. By doing so they reveal the true face of the EU, and they will wonder why there will be even more Europeans who reject the EU. Bring it on

  2. XX These arrogant bastards of the EU have threatened and cajoled Greece with all sorts of Fear, XX

    You mean they have had the bloody cheek to expect the money back that the queerr Greek bastards took as a LOAN!?

    Well fuck me, I wish you ran my mortgage firm, I could get off with the entire amount according to your reasoning.

    You borrow money, yiou pay it fucking back! And that goes for lazy, fat greasy slobs in some third world hole of a country on the medeteranian as well.

  3. rapscallion

    You don't fully understand what is going on do you?

    Before you decided to flame me you should have perhaps considered the following:

    Greece was allowed to join the EZ even though everybody knew that the Greek economy was a basket case. Greece has gone bankrupt 5 times in the last two hundred years. You would have thought that the “leaders” of the time would have known that, but then as the Euro was introduced for political purposes rather than economic ones they ignored it. Talk about putting the horse before the cart!

    Secondly, to ensure Greece was fully ensnared by Le Projet, money was literally thrown at her to essentially bribe them into accepting what a wonderful organisation the EU was and how they would all benefit. Do the new Athens airport and the Olympics ring any bells Furor Teutonicus?? Or perhaps you missed that? Maybe you were too busy flaming people ?

    Thirdly the bailouts were to save to ECB, the European Banks (primarily French and German) and the Euro. They weren't there to save Greece. 5 years down the line and the short lived austerity the EU said would only last 2 years is STILL biting, and biting ever deeper.

    In your case, I'd check out your finances before advancing you a loan for a mortgage. In short I'd be carrying out due diligence – something the EU DID NOT DO!!!

    If you owe me £1,000 its your problem. If you owe me 10,000,000 its my problem

    Capiche !

    No, you don't do you !

  4. NO one shoved a shotgun up their arse and made them take the money. They did it voluntary.

    They also accepted the terms of those loans at the time. Just like you or me, wehn we go to a bank and ask for a mortgage.

    So STUFF them.

    They got themselves into this shit.

  5. For years the Greek government has been demanding that Germany repays the money looted from Greek banks during the German occupation, claiming the reparations paid were only a small percentage of that stolen. I'm surprised that no one in the Greek government has suggested that Germany take the money owed to them from the money they owe Greece and then continue to argue about the rest.

  6. All “debts” thar were demanded from the Potsdam and Yalta meetings are LONG paid.

    Ther claim date, long passed.

    If they wanted to claim they should have done it on time.

    But, as has become apparant, the Greeks understand NOTHING of how the laws regarding money and claims, and pay backs work.

    Or they are just pretending not to know, in order to pull a fast one.

  7. rapscallion

    So, you can't refute anything I've said to you then. You just soared off on another spittle-flecked rant. I never said the Greeks were blameless as you seem to infer. The accepted the terms because the troika of the EU, ECB and IMF all said they would return to growth within two years. In fact, as a recent IMF report makes clear, and one which the EU tried hard to suppress, the Greeks would NEVER have got out of debt under the current terms – but you don't seem to understand that do you. The terms they were recently offered would not have helped Greece and would not solved the basic debt problem. The fact remains that the ECB/EU/IMF did themselves no favours by putting Greece in an impossible position, and you seem to think that's a good idea.

    The very worst thing you can do is to put someone in a position where they have nothing to lose and that is precisely what you would have done and it is precisely what the EU/ECB/IMF have done.

    Tell me – just how are you going to make them pay now that you've traduced them, insulted them, threatened them with all sorts?

    Doing that shit ALWAYS produces the opposite result to the one you want.

  8. Thatcher once said that socialism is fine till you run out of other peoples money, seems to me that that's exactly whats happened here. i offer no solutions for this debacle but note that it is the rich rightwing economies that are expected to pay for the excesses of the poor leftwing economies.

  9. This isn't about loans, Germany could pay this out of petty cash. It's about setting an example to any nation that defies eu intent. Most of the money paid to Greece flew straight out again to service the creditors. Loan sharking at it's finest.
    The desire of the eu is all the problems it creates the solution is always more Europe. It has been described as warlike and hostile and that's indeed what it is. They don't need guns, they use fiat money and paper instruments. It's time the whole of Europe took the medicine to rid ourselves of what it is, a parasite.

  10. Trouble is Kath I have an honours degree in recognising problems. In the absence of cojones from the general populace there are very few solutions. Keeping hold of nurse seems to be a national obsession. Non of this is consequence it's design.
    Ears pinned back for an illusional resolution to the situation from the collective, more nurse required.

  11. Fly – yet again a succinct, cut-through-the-crap, honest and realistic appraisal.

    Thank you.

  12. rapscallion

    That's pretty much what I said in my reply to Furor Teutonicus. Money is the least of it. It's all about “Control” It's what the EU is all about