Happy 4th July. Now fuck off out of my country!

Yes, it’s that time of year again. That time where the biggest nation of egotistical self-righteous bullshitters take time out to celebrate just how wonderful their great nation is…

The leaders of the Free World. The defenders of Freedom’s Future. The country that leads and defends by maintaining armed forces sufficient to fight two wars simultaneously.

Yes, America the Beautiful will keep you safe – but only if you do what they tell you.

The land of the free – as long as you do what their government tells you.

The home of the Brave – provided that they can rope their allies in to do the fighting for them.

And have you ever noticed? Americans don’t fight wars in their own country. They always go overseas to fuck up somebody else’s country. No wonder they got so wound up over 9/11. It just doesn’t happen in the good ol’ U S of A.

I have nothing against Americans per se. However I think their country stinks with hypocrisy and I’d like them to remove their bases from the UK. They’re trigger happy bastards and I don’t trust them to act in my best interests. I think it was John Simpson who, went he told his father he was going to be a war correspondent, was given this advice : “Don’t stand in front of the Americans!”

Yes, God bless America – and God help the rest of us!


6 responses to “Happy 4th July. Now fuck off out of my country!

  1. Years ago my dad went into Tandy to buy something. There were 2 fairly young sales assistants. In those days my dad always used cash to pay for goods. At the checkout one of these assistants asked my dad for his address, postcode and telephone number. Dad said he'd never heard such impertinence and why did they want the information. The assistant explained that Tandy was an American company and they would use his details to send him offers and a catalogue. Dad replied that he wasn't the slightest bit interested, and, “Americans are all bollocks”. The other assistant nearly wet himself. Happy 4th July!

  2. Thats what our British Muslims think too… fuck of Yanks!, and of course the 150 immigrants who stormed the ports today will have no time for the cunts either.

    Anyway don't forget its the Royal Christening this weekend…great news for the country and all that shit, and X factor will be starting soon and we will have a new popstar too.


  3. Pax Americana. Weep and gloat. But what is the alternative?

  4. I've always found that individually Americans are good, welcoming & generous people, despite mostly being unaware of their disproportionate level of consumption of the world's resources (& food). But their infrastructure is crumbling and their politics stink.

  5. “…I don't trust them to act in my best interests…”

    No, their politicos always act in their own (perceived) best interests and sod the stupid 'useful idiots' – sorry, allies.

  6. I gather congress has announced this week that they will definitely be starting a war with either Russia or China over the next few years.