So – how was your holiday..?

A tourist uses a selfie stick to photograph himself in front of the murder scene.
You couldn’t make it up!

Now it’s easy to be wise after the event but, to be fair, some of us were wise before the event…

“How about a quick getaway in the sun this winter?” says Mrs D. Well, I love to holiday as my regular reader will know and it’s difficult to find somewhere that doesn’t involve a humungous flight around March time when there is always a gap in my calendar.

“Well,” says I, “we’re not touching anywhere in North Africa because it’s bloody dodgy. All those ragheads out to kill anybody with a white face. You can bloody forget that unless you’ve got a death wish!” After the events in Tunisia it seems that I was pretty much spot on.

It’s not, of course, a great surprise. A few years back some nutter with a machine gun murdered a load of tourists in the Temple of Hapsutshep in Egypt. Only a few months back there was a bomb in a Tunisian museum that caused carnage. So explain to me why anyone would volunteer to go to Tunisia for a holiday.

“It’s cheap” says Mrs D. “Yes” says I, “and now you can bloody well see why!” Needless to say, we’re not going anywhere near North Africa anytime soon. Unless you’ve got a death wish, I strongly suggest you do the same.

What’s staggered me is the reaction to the atrocity by the government and the tour companies. The FCO is still not advising against all travel to Tunisia. I suspect this is political because they don’t want the Tunisian economy to collapse overnight. As they are telling people that another similar attack is highly feasible and even likely, I find their attitude to putting their own citizens first appalling.

And because the the FCO has not advised against travel, the tour companies are refusing to issue refunds to people who don’t want to go and some are telling their customers that if they want to leave early, it’s up to them to arrange their own flights and pay for them themselves.

One woman on the news who was waiting to board a flight to Tunisia said she was going because she wanted to show solidarity to the Tunisian people and to not let terrorism win. Noble sentiments indeed.

Let’s just hope that her nobility doesn’t get her killed…


12 responses to “So – how was your holiday..?

  1. I'm sick to death of being told that it's only a tiny minority of Muslims that are causing the trouble. Absolute bollocks. Islam is an evil religion that mostly spouts hatred of others. Our so called leaders need to get their finger out of their arseholes and face up to the reality. Instead of which they bend over backwards to pander to these Muslim bastards and appease them at every opportunity.

    When the IRA was at its peak, the government took the controversial decision to make it and other similar groups proscribed organisations. I think our government should do the same with Islam here in the UK. Close all the fucking Mosques down and all the Muslim faith schools (otherwise known as Madrasas).

    I find it very strange how political parties such as the BNP, EDL and to a certain extent UKIP get lambasted by the establishment and vilified in the mainstream media, yet not a peep out of those bodies when it comes to religious zealots.

    Like it or not the UK is now primarily a secular society and Islam has no place here. The same goes for other radical religious groups.

  2. “other radical religious groups” ?
    I agree – and I'd include the Catholics in that

  3. There was already security on that beach for fucks sake before the killings….if that aint warning to anyone that seeing gun tooting guards on beaches is not the place for holidays.

    Kenya is another frigging place where pirates and kidnappers are just a stones thrown away from getting at you.

    Hit Tunisa with travel bans or strong advice to avoid the country, its only when their massive tourist industry spirals downhill will radicals be sorted out instead of every muslim knowing who and where they are and ignoring them.

    Those bastards turn a blind eye to radicals in this country and everywhere else too….close knit muslim communities like here in Norfolk know everyone, they know the cunts who could get nasty…..its like the people I know who could mount a racial attack against muslims, I don't think anyone would or has but I'm sure most people could name someone who is “dodgy” and a possibilty if threats were given of an impending attack.

    One odd thing about Arabs/Muslims is that the film industry going about 70 years has always shown them to be shifty and untrustworthy…its like Mexican men are always fat and ugly.


  4. Yes, indeed. Infact, if I had the power to do it, I'd ban all religious sects. There's not one of them that hasn't had blood on their hands at some time.

  5. It all boils down to money, it always does.

    If people said stick it up yer arse and didn't go there, in no time at all their economies would turn to rat shit, when that happens they'll do something about it, while the money keeps rolling in nobody gives a toss.

    Hit 'em in the pocket, it gets results.


  6. Quite so. The Middle East has been off our potential list of destinations for over a decade and will continue to be off it. If the place has Sharia Law, fuck right off.

    I've been approached on a number of occasions recently to work out there. Not on your fucking Nelly. When I said to one of the recruiters asking me that wild horses wouldn't get me out there, he seemed a bit put out…

  7. Hmmm… And how will you enforce your ban?

  8. 31 years ago, I took a holiday in Tunisia. In Sousse as it happens. The hotel looked nice in the picture taken across the beach. It was an old picture because the 10 foot high steel wall with spikes on top was in the shot.

    One night we were woken up by a mad raghead in our room shouting and waving an AK47. Brown trouser syndrome was engaged at this point. What he was trying to do was to tell us that we needed to shut out steel blind down at night so as cunts like hime couldn't get into our room and kill us. He was an armed hotel security guard but we didn't know that at the time!

    I'm not making this up. If it was fucking dangerous 31 years ago, why would it be safer now? You have to be stark raving bonkers to even consider going there for a holiday…

  9. Should have read “wasn't in the shot” obviously. This computer can't spell for shit!

  10. Turns out that the cunt with the selfie stick was a Labour activist and has been susended from the party :

    “Amran Hussain, 29, sparked outrage after being pictured taking a photo of himself using a 'selfie stick' on the spot where at least 18 British tourists were murdered.
    Mr Hussain, who stood for the Labour Party in North East Hampshire at the general election last month, has now defended his actions saying he visited Marhaba beach in Sousse to pay his 'respects' and pointing out selfies are not 'banned'.”

  11. He would declare a fatwah.

  12. Yeah, that'll work 😉