Rich people house homeless immigrants

Britain is a land of milk and honey. The streets of London are paved with gold. The rich in British society always have the welfare of those less fortunate in the forefront of their minds so it’s always good to see the hand of charity being extended!

So much so that the rich people living opposite Buckingham Palace have provided sleeping accommodation to these poor unfortunates. Well, outside sleeping accommodation anyway. In the fresh and healthy traffic fumes of London no less. Well done, you rich chaps. Jolly good show.

Every night in Grosvenor Place where properties costs millions, migrants are bedding down for the night in the entrance porticos for a good night’s kip and then packing up to go seek their fortunes when the occupiers – mainly international companies – arrive for work.

Thanks to our EU membership, it’s a familiar sight in London these days. Every night dozens of men and women, believed to be mainly Romanian and Bulgarian nationals allowed to come here quite legally under the Fourth Reich rules can be seen camped out on grass at the centre of Marble Arch. And they’ve worked out that bugger all can be done about. A spokesperson for Westminster City Council said: “As this is private land, the council has no power to move people on but we will work with the leaseholders to support and advise them on a suitable resolution.”

And the police can’t shift them for the same reason. It’s a civil matter and the vagrancy laws can’t be invoked either because that only applies to public places. These are private.

I’ve got a couple of suggestions though. For one, blow their photographs up to billboard size and put them all around the port of Calais. That might discourage a few of the buggers trying to get across the channel.

And the other suggestion?

Well, have you never heard of a hosepipe…?


2 responses to “Rich people house homeless immigrants

  1. I've said it before, but I'll say it again – until and unless these bastards become a problem for the rich, famous and powerful, then fuck all will be done about it. Even then the rich, famous and powerful will only make sure that their cosy lifestyles are restored, they won't give a flying fuck where the problem goes so long as it’s not anywhere near them. So in all likely hood these immigrant hordes will settled near ordinary folk like you and me – nice!

    Same sort of thing happened after the talcum powder/flour incident in the House of Commons. Almost immediately a blast proof screen was ordered for the public gallery and dozens of concrete bollards were erected round the Palace of Westminster, apart from the other measures taken. Can you imagine the same effort being expended for a similar incident near your property?

    Like it or not – and I certainly don't – nothing will be done to stem the flow of these unwanted (by me for one) feckless bastards. Another thing I've always advocated is that those bleeding heart liberals bleating about these poor immigrants should be forced to house and support a few of them, then we'd see how keen they'd be to have them coming here. Does anyone else remember those spoof letters that did the rounds at the time when Idi Amin booted out the Ugandan Asians – I'm sure you know the sort of thing “Abdul Ali and his six wives and eighteen children will be arriving with you shortly. Please make sure you have ample supplies of the following……etc.” Maybe it's time to resurrect the concept.

  2. and yet the bleeding hearts moan when companies put in vagrant spikes, if it was my property I would be land mining the steps, employing savage rottweilers and mounting machine guns to keep them away never mind vagrant spikes.
    Simpler still send them all back to where they came from.