Lazy bastard, stay-at-home mums

Men have known the truth for years. Mums want to stay at home with their kids so that they can lounge around all day living of child benefit and doing fuck all while they sponge off their poor hard working husbands. Now it’s official – and who would now better what’s good for you than the Fourth Reich?

It seems that the EU has commissioned a report – well, they had to piss your taxes up the wall on something! – that says that the UK has the laziest mothers in Europe and is telling our government that they need to tackle the ‘problem’ as a matter of urgency because it’s just not European to spend time bringing up baby when you could be out earning money for them to tax so they can commission more reports. So there…!

Britain, it seems, revels in this sort of blatant laziness. The large number of mothers who work part-time or not at all is a “social challenge” that the Government must address by providing more state-funded child care, according to the European Council. Thankfully, for Britain, unlike eurozone members, the recommendations of such reports are non-binding. Bloody good job too, I say. Because it’s none of their bloody business what we do in our own country.

And that’s not all. The broadly critical report, presented to George Osborne at a Finance Ministers meeting this week, warns that Britain faces excessive levels of household debt, which combined with rising house prices pose a threat to economic stability. More houses must be built, it says, including by implementing the Government’s controversial reforms to planning laws. So now we’re being told to build more houses – presumably so we have somewhere to put all those illegal migrants camped out at Calais?

It further warns that Britain has a large proportion of young people with “comparatively low levels of basic skills”, and the number of children living in jobless homes is among the highest in the EU. But then if you keep forcing us to import all those African migrants with no skills whatsoever, what the hell do you expect?

As far as I’m concerned, if mums want to spend their time bringing up their children instead of sitting behind a desk in some office somewhere on make work programs that’s fine by me as long as the family can pay its way. My own daughter had no choice in the matter. She wanted to go back to work as a radiotherapist in the NHS but had to be a full time carer for her eldest who had medical difficulties. She’d be one of those statistics captured by the EU but, hey, who needs facts to write a report?

I’ve never understood why people have children and then say thay don’t want them to change their lifestyle. If you don’t want your life turned upside down, then don’t have kids. In the 21st century, that’s a feasible choice. On the other hand I’d stay at home and care for my children any day of the week, finances permitting. That’s what parents should do – put their children first.

It’s a parent’s choice – and it’s definitely fuck all to do with the EU…


5 responses to “Lazy bastard, stay-at-home mums

  1. Bringing children up is the most important job in the world and if more people would bear that in mind, instead of selfishly servicing their own needs, the world would be a better place.

    From the eu and governmental perspective, all must be monetised. We're not people we're economic units to be utilised and maximised.

  2. It seems they're not just camped out in Calais now, these legal ones have found a quite nice little des res to settle down in whilst the Jobcentre finds them something suitable. I wonder what employment they had in mind when they embarked on their journey to our golden isle?

  3. “…it's definitely fuck all to do with the EU…”

    One could (and should) say the same about 99.9999% of English matters into which they stick their unelected and unwanted porcine snouts.

  4. Quite right, Ted…