The NHS immigration fiasco

Another day and another bloody story about immigrants. More bollocks to digest from all sides of the political spectrum.

On Monday the headlines in the Sun screamed that 35,000 foreign nurses were to be sent home. The BBC claimed it would be 6,500. Another newspaper reckoned it was about 3,500. Personally, I reckon it’s going to be bugger all…

So why has all this crap been spouted in the first place? Well, the government announced that any migrant worker who does not attain a salary level of £35,000 a year within 6 years will be asked to leave the country. The Royal College of Nursing and all the lefty politicians immediately started jumping up and down and screaming that would mean thousands of vitally needed nurses being forcibly deported. But it’s all nonsense, isn’t it?

For a start, any immigrant from the EU would be exempted because of the right to freedom of movement. That’s the same old problem we have at the moment when it comes to lower paid EU citizens, predominantly from the old Eastern bloc countries, coming here to work. Whether we want them here or not, we’re stuck with them.

So that leaves the non-EU migrants and dramatically reduces the numbers game. Then there’s the list of ‘needed skills’ which the government says was independently drawn up and doesn’t include nurses – so it’s not their fault! Well, thats alright then. No need to take responsibility for running the country and making the laws. After all, you’re only the bloody government!

So if it becomes a problem, then the list of required skills just gets amended to included health workers and the problem goes away. Simples.

What this is actually all about is the government trying to convince the electorate that they’re doing their bit to protect British jobs against immigrants. It’s about convincing people that migrants don’t just come here to claim benefits. Problem is that many of them do, so the mouthwash ain’t making it.

And why the £35,000 a year figure anyway? I’ve no objection to anyone coming here to work. If they contribute skills and pay their taxers, then that’s OK with me. It’s the scroungers and chancers I have no truck with.

No, this is just a great big political storm in a tea cup blown up out of all proportion by both sides so they can preen and posture. Frankly, if the Labour party was in power and doing exactly the same thing, nobody would be saying a damn thing about it.


3 responses to “The NHS immigration fiasco

  1. Never mind migrants, how much does a soldier, paramedic or policeman with 6 years service, earn? I would suggest it's a hell of a lot less than £35000!

  2. Quite. If people work and pay taxes that's fine by me. They're welcome because they contribute. This is a policy that makes no sense and I suspect will get the usual fudging treatment but not before the lefties blow it out of all proportion…

  3. Here you “must be able to support yourself and you family.”

    What does that mean though?

    There are Luthansa 747 pilots with Wife and two bastards, who are nor earning enough, not to be able to claim social benefits.

    THEN the arseholes in the Reichtag turn around and ask why Germans are not reproducing at a greater rate!

    What do they fucking THINK?

    If you can not earn enough as one of the top rank of civil airline pilots to supüort TWO, how the HEL can they afford three, and hoe the FUCKING Hel is a window cleaner expectwed to afford ANY?

    Do they think that an immigrant who can not speak a word of the language, is a failure in his OWN country, is going to get a job here to surpass the pay of that pilot?

    BOLLOX they are!

    So throw the bastards out.

    It is the only answer.