Foreign aid? Fuck ’em!

Say hello to Ian Birrel – a former speech writer for David Cameron. Ian reckons it’s bonkers to be handing over £12 billion to foreign despots and dictators when the Tories are planning to cut the same amount off the welfare budget.

He’s absolutely right.

The UK government hands out 0.7% of our GDP in foreign aid every year because of a stupid arbitrary target that the Limp Dumps forced us into just appease the Fourth Reich. Britain is already increasing aid spending faster than any other European nation. Countries such as Australia, Canada, France, Ireland, Japan and Spain have reduced the sums they dole out.

And he points out that it’s ironic that these handouts encourage welfare dependency overseas whilst at the same time we are trying to discourage it at home! And where does this money come from? Well, we borrow around £73 billion a year, so basically we borrow it so that we can give it away.

I’m all in favour of helping people less fortunate than myself, but we should put our own people ahead of foreigners – especially when those foreigners live in countries with nuclear energy programs and space programs. Or where the money just goes into the pockets of corrupt officials.

Get rid of the deficit, reduce our borrowings to zero, and then ask me again. You might find me just a tad more sympathetic. But even then let’s help people that need help rather than running around trying to find people to dole it out to (no pun intended) just to hit some arbitrary target that makes us look caring and sharing.

Until we get a grip on this, the rest of the world will laugh at us, stick out their hands, and play us for the mugs we are…


8 responses to “Foreign aid? Fuck ’em!

  1. This is one of many subjects that gets my blood boiling. It's very easy to be generous with other people's money. I learned from an earlier post that we are giving money to China – a country with a growth rate to die for – and India – a country with a nuclear weapons program. How on earth can this be justified? It's all done so that toss-pots like Cameron and Clegg can strut about the world stage looking big – it's a scandal and a fucking disgrace. Leave foreign aid up to the numerous charities who get their money from people who want to give it – I for one don't.

  2. Seems a shame this man is not PM…. You know my stance on foreign aid. A/ Charity begins at home B/ our aid is buying weapons and supporting terrorists C/ weapons purchased with our aid money will be used to kill our troops D/ most of these countries we give aid to want us all dead but will take our cash.

  3. XX I'm all in favour of helping people less fortunate than myselfXX


    First time, maybe second time.

    Third time, it is your OWN fucking problem pal, you are taking the piss!

    And I do not give a shit WHERE they come from. It is still taking the piss.

    Especially when some of them are world threatening nuclear powers, and have their own fucking space programmes!

  4. Totally agree with you Furor – as you might have guessed!

  5. I expect this 12 billion is bribe money to ensure trade deals with the UK continue.

    Backhander/bribe money is only a problem when it affects the beautiful game of football with its fair play religion mularky, when it comes to real buisness anything goes wether you have a space program or not.

    Since when did the tories give a fuck about the poor in this country, never mind abroad?….nah I reckon we should probably turn a blind eye to this 12 billion cos the crafty cunts in charge of all political parties are quite happy with it( except UKIP) so the benefits must outweigh the cost or a least break even.

    This foreign aid policy is quite nicely shoved under the carpet at election time, nobody breaks the vow of silence about it.


  6. “it's bonkers to be handing over £12 billion to foreign despots and dictators when the Tories are planning to cut the same amount off the welfare budget.”

    yep. That's 24 billion of good savings to be made.

  7. The electorate must want this, they voted for it.

    Can't wait for the first person i meet to tell me how they hate what's happening in this country, my first question will be 'did you vote UKIP', answer 'NO' hold onto your hat.