Order please, children…

There are those of you out there that think the honourable members of our esteemed House of Commons behave like a load of overgrown school children…

But you’d be wrong because to compare these idiots to children is an insult to children. Children are far more mature!

Seems there is a bit – well, actually quite a lot – of squabbling going on over who sits where. The SNP have replaced the Limp Dumps as the second party of opposition and the third largest party in the house so they reckon they should be allowed to occupy the second row of benches on the opposition side of the despatch box. Labour is having none of it!

In a revolt led by Dennis Skinner aka the Beast of Bolsover, Labour are refusing to yield to demands from the SNP to let them have a share of the prominent seats. He and half a dozen other idiots back benchers are getting in early and refusing to budge, so the Holyrood Harridan has told her MPs to get in at 7am to occupy the seats. A senior SNP spokesman said “If they want to play silly games, we’ll play silly games” after admitting to being “fucking furious” with Labour’s attitude.

The SNP are also prepared to block Labour appointments to committees if they don’t give in.

It’s hard to reconcile that these are the people that were elected to run the country when they behave like this, so here’s my word of advise to the honourable members…

“Just fucking grow up!”


7 responses to “Order please, children…

  1. Dennis Skinner is a cunt of the first order. I would have thought that since the SNP have, to all intents and purposes, replaced the LibDems as the third largest party, then they should ocupy the benches previously used by the the LibDems. Still, it's quite nice to see a spat between these two sets of arseholes. Of course it's got nothing to do with the SNP ousting all those Scottish MP's has it?

  2. This lot are clearly experts at running the country, as shown by the fact they cannot arrange enough seats for one each.

    In addition, in a modern world, one might expect them to have a modest-sized desk for their papers, the ability to vote without getting up, possibly connectivity and power for their computers (so they can check on the extent of factual accuracy by speaking MPs), and the ability to get in and out of their seats without disturbing everyone else.

    Best regards

  3. one word answer here Mr D ………W….A…..N….K…..E…..R….S….

  4. Jeez. They'll be leaving towels on the seats next

  5. Actually, Bucko, you're nearer the truth than you think. It seems that if you attend morning prayers before entering the house (yes, I know it's the 21st century but they don't seem to) then you are allowed to leave a prayer card on your seat to reserve it.

  6. Apparently when the house is full they are about 200 seats short so it's standing room only.

  7. I see you have followed my link to “…is a cunt” – I feel that this could be a perfect medium to flex your recently found attitude of complete intolerance. Welcome to the gang!