The Beautiful Game…

Blatter prepares for the investigation into standards at FIFA

As my regular reader will testify, I am no lover of the so called ‘beautiful game’ of football. In fact it leaves me stone cold – but it wasn’t always like that…

When I was a teenager, I lived next door to a bloke called George Cohen who those of you with long memories will remember played full back in the 1966 Word Cup winning England team. He had quite a nice house in Worcester Park in Surrey. Nothing flash, just a standard 4 bed detached with a smallish garden.

Down the road was a shop owned by Ron ‘Chopper’ Harris. Over the door it read ‘Ron Harris, Chelsea and England. Newspapers and confectionery.’ Consider these two world class footballers and compare them with today. Could you see David Beckham living in a house like that, or running a paper shop? Not likely, is it?

I used to go to watch Epsom and Ewell Eagles playing at the local ground round the corner. It was entertaining. You could stand on the touchline. You felt involved. The only ‘big’ game I ever went to was the semi-final of the FA Cup when Wimbledon played Leeds at Selhurst Park. I watched some dots running about on a field over in the distance. I thought it was crap. I never went to a league game again.

So I fully understand why FIFA are in the shit. Everything about football has got totally out of hand. Today’s players and managers earn the sort of money that Harris and Cohen never dreamed of. And why? At the end of the day all they do is kick a ball around on a bit of grass.

The money is now so vast that corruption is inevitable. Everybody knows that FIFA have had their hands in till and snouts in the trough for years – so why the big surprise?

Beautiful game, my arse! It’s shite – and at last it’s coming out just how shite it really is…


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  1. I can't believe the rumpus this non-story is causing, for me it's totally irrelevant. I really couldn't give a shit. At the age of about 12 or 13 I almost succumbed to the brainwashing that, at the time, was directed at all males – that was unless you liked sport, and especially football, then you were a sissy – another word for homosexual. Perhaps it was because my dad had no interest in sport whatsoever that I also had little or no interest.

    Then my best friend at the time persuaded me to go and watch the local team, Worcester City. We went to several matches. It was okay, but it never really clicked with me – I couldn't see what all the fuss was about, and I found the atmosphere inside the ground rather intimidating.

    Then I started “supporting” Chelsea during their 1969-1970 FA cup year. Why so? you might ask. Well, another friend had introduced me to the books that were then quite popular about soccer hooliganism, and it appeared that Chelsea fans had a pretty awesome reputation for their level of violence, the Shed End and all that. I only ever watched games on the TV, I never went to a “proper game”. I can't remember why, but after Chelsea won the cup I completely lost interest.

    When I was about 40, a casual acquaintance (a die-hard Sunderland supporter), told me that he had a spare ticket for a Sunderland versus Birmingham match, and would I like to go? I said I wasn't really interested and I didn't want to get involved in a punch up. He said that those days were long gone and football was now a really nice family game. So I said oaky I'd go to the game with him. It was crap. Like you say Dioclese, the players looked like dots to me. There was an extremely hostile atmosphere, and after the game I witnessed several scuffles taking place. I was glad to get back to the car and get home. I vowed I'd never go to another game ever.

    Getting back to this load of old bollocks. It's my opinion that football gets what football deserves, and like you rightly say Dioclese, is it any wonder that there are problems when there is so much money sloshing around? I've made comments in previous blogs about the disgusting levels of pay given to morons, who, but for their ability to kick a ball would no doubt be serving up burgers in McDonalds. I really can't begin to understand the hold and fascination the game has for so many people.

    Anyway, I apologise for rambling on for so long. No doubt my views on “the beautiful game” will upset a lot of folk, but I'm just saying it as I see it – a horrible game given a very thin veneer of respectability.

  2. I've always seen sport as being an entertaining way of keeping fit. I don't really see how you can benefit by watching other people keeping fit. I recently started taking part in triathlons, I find them to be challenging, great fun and I have to do quite a bit of swimming, cycling and running to prepare for them. I do watch the proper triathletes on the telly and marvel at their abilities but, unlike the vast majority of football fans, I do actually participate as well.

    As an aside, I sold my old Triumph Daytona 900 motorcycle and bought a Specialised Allez racing bike in order to do my triathlons. While thinking about this it occurred to me that if I were to take part in a standard Olympic distance triathlon and they allowed me to use a 900cc motorcycle for the bike stage, I still wouldn't be able to beat the Brownlee brothers.


  3. Is there anyone out there who like football?…I still reckon its the beautiful game….blogging and anti football seems to be theme on the blogs I follow……although I do tend to follow nutters /loonies so that probably is the reason.

    Anyway if Sep Blatter can get ousted, why can't Simon Clark (forest) the self annointed smokers champion get fired…..this smoking guru who doesn't smoke cos its a killer has done nothing for smokers for about a decade…yeah fuck all.

    Unlike Sep Blatter who at least loves football and has done good for football even though everyone else in FIFA and maybe him and their fingers in the till…..Simon Clark dont like smoking, he dosen't even have to claim to have done any good for smokers.

    He is your leader smokers!!… get what you deserve when nothing ever changes for smokers,…..he will be appearing at the freedom dinner in Canary Wharf july 7,, which is a posh piss up , smart formal wear of course,

    Freebie grabbing Simon Clark the smokers champion just follows the circuit of posh dinners and celebrity spotting ……if you check his blog often the next dinner dance will soon be advertised.

    What about smokers Simon?…he don't give a fuck and none of the smokerloonie bloggers have the balls to confront him about it.


  4. I'd like to add that I'm not antifootball – to each their own as far as I'm concerned – I'm just disinterested and consider it a monumental waste of money. But if people want to waste their money that's fine as long as they earned it and paid their taxes on it. Ditto smoking.

    I consider the wages ridiculous – but I feel the same about bankers and train drivers…

  5. Although when at school I used to hate having to play it, I'm pretty indifferent to football too. I only find it annoying when there is something like the world cup on and every single media outlet simply can't shut up about it.