Coming out of the closet

I’ve given this a great deal of thought whilst I’ve been sailing my way around the Hebrides and I’ve decided that it’s time I came clean about my sexuality.

After all, this is the 21st century and there’s no stigma these days about your orientation, be it gay, bisexual, lesbian, transgender or whatever you happen to be. Society is tolerant and understanding so coming out shouldn’t be traumatic although it might be a shock for immediate friends and family. Having said that, I suspect that my family has known what I am for some time.

So I’m going to be brave and admit it. Get it out in the open and to hell with the consequences. Yes, it’s true! I’m a heterosexual.

So glad I got that out in the open…


12 responses to “Coming out of the closet

  1. If we are to believe the hype surrounding media obsession with sexual orientation, your coming out is very brave. This since barely a handful of British men would dare own up up to this weird, unnatural, even disgusting sexual preference. That men should dare to admit an interest in female genitalia, a sacred temple of Sapphic activity, in preference to buggery might be seen by many as shameful. Don't bother seeking employment in the BBC for sure with your nasty orientation.

  2. Spot on oldrightie – that's it in a nutshell! Won't be long before single, white, male, able bodied,hard working, hetrosexuals are the most discriminated against minority group there is.

  3. You'll have gathered I'm back in one piece after bouncing around on the Scottish briny for the past week. We got away with most of the really shite weather although we got a bit wet in places. The sea was so rough on Monday that we couldn't even get into Tobermorey which is the usual sheltered port in those parts, but we were in the lee of Skye so it was easily tolerable – especially as the boat has an open bar included in the price.

    Enjoyed the trip. Couldn't get ashore on Canna but Eige was really nice. Fantastic scenery along the way when you could see through the rain! It was pricey but we got a big discount as a last minute trip. Worth what we paid, but wouldn't have booked it at the fool price. There's expensive but value and there's overpriced!

  4. It's a subject that gets my blood boiling and that I've written about before :

  5. Glad you're back safe and sound. I know you like to visit exotic parts of the world, but I've always argued that there are many beautiful places to see on and around these shores.

    Many years ago I used to do a bit of rock climbing. I once went to Skye for a climbing holiday. I was there a week and never got to see the Cuillin. It pissed down every day, with low cloud shrouding the hills. I came home looking like a drowned rat at least you got see more than I did – well done!

  6. you should visit Shetland, My “Himself comes from Scotland and lived in Shetland for many years, it's his spiritual home. The scenery is breathtaking and the wildlife stunning. It's expensive though, but perfect if you don't like TV , modern life, mobile phones and supermarket shopping. He misses it a lot but we just couldn't afford to live there full time.

  7. P.S well done on finally admitting you are normal that took guts šŸ˜‰ I am normal but try hard to hide it with my crass stupidity and ignorance.

  8. Hi Kath. Yes, we've done Shetland. Did a trip out of Leith in July '13 across Orkney, Shetland, Fairisle (couldn't land!), the Faores and back in via St Kilda. Weather was shite then some of the time too and we dove for cover in Tobermorey (got in that time!)

    Next year we're doing the Lord of the Glens down the Caledonian Canal from Inverness to Kyle of Lochalsh. Plan is to follow it up by hiring a camper and doing the North coast up to Durness and Cape Wrath

  9. Oh lucky you šŸ™‚ sounds a fantastic trip.

  10. Maybe i imissed it but did James Higham (Nourishing Obscurity) ever come out of the closet.

    Only poofter blogger I can think of…..tis the reason I wint post on his blog.

    I know , I know its not politically correct.

    Fuck you.


  11. I'm a lesbian trapped in a man's body.