We start this morning at the Clan Donald centre on Skye before sailing across to the Small Islands and visiting Eigg, a tiny 5 mile by 3 mile island dominated by the dramatic pitchstone ridge of An Sgurr that you can see in the above picture.

I’m particularly looking forward to visiting Eigg because it’s an Island I was supposed to visit a couple of years back on my return through the hebrides after visiting the Faroes. Bad weather forced us to reroute and we ended up taking shelter in Tobermorey.

Tjis eveing there’s another opportunity to dust off that eBay bow tie…


2 responses to “Eigg

  1. Is that the designated smoking area hut on the right of the picture?

    Anyway Dioclese I will keep you informed of the latest smokerloony shite whilst you are exploring these odd places which yet again as always I have never heard of.

    Dick puddlecote…….yep you have guessed correct , he is trawling tweets on anti smoking and has found somone who aint an obscure Australian and claims she is the last person in the world who should be concerned at Lung cancer and how disgusting she tweeted that 70% of cancer deaths are caused by smoking.

    At least Dick wastes numerous hours every week whilst hiding in his bedroom looking for stuff to bastardise……that fucking no-one gives a fuck about.

    good init.

    Simon Clark…Taking liberties…..a cracking story from him that dose not include celebrity spotting or the social circles he is now mixing in, but that boat trip pro smoke mularky which is a posh wine and nibbles for city types that Simon likes to get dressed up for almost went tits up last year when the captain of the boat threatened to quit the cruise because of smoking in the wrong places.

    Love it…thats a gem of a story my favourite one of the year so far.

    I reckon Simon Clark is a non smoking fraud that has never will never do anything for the man on the street about smoking but worries himself about intellectual property rights of tobacco companies…..having said that he knows how to freebie wine and dine at posh central london hotels at tobacco companies expense like a pro.

    Fraud yep sure, but taking the piss and getting away with it for years on a never ending roller coaster of these type of events without ever spending a penny is quite funny , I have a sneaking admiration for him at scamming for so long without a hint of anyone opposing him.

    Sep Blatter did it in football too.

    Enjoy your holiday.


  2. My “himself” us to live in Shetland and still misses it, I can see the appeal no people no traffic and great wildlife. Skye is equally beautiful.