Tanera Mor

The Cafe and Post Office

This morning we’re on Tanera Mor for a walk ashore. “Where?” I hear you ask.

This is what the guide says :

Tanera Mòr is an uninhabited (previously inhabited) island in Loch Broom in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland. It is the largest of the Summer Isles and the only inhabited island in that group. Tanera Mòr has issued its own postage stamps and was the location of Frank Fraser Darling’s book ‘Island Years’. In 2014 it was reported that the island’s permanent residents had left and that it is for sale for £1.95 million.

Tanera Mòr is home to a salmon fish farm, several holiday cottages, a small sailing school, a café and a post office, which has operated its own local post and printed its own stamps since 1970.[12] The island has no roads and the only recognisable path goes around An Acarsaid (“The Anchorage”), the sheltered bay on the east side of the island.

My sort of place…


4 responses to “Tanera Mor

  1. Must be the last remaining unvandalised telephone kiosk in the whole of the British Isles!

  2. Sounds like heaven.

  3. Summer isles reminds me of my favourite film The Wicker Man, I aint never been to Scotland but if i did go then cruising is probably the best choice for me, cos you aint long enough in one place to be bored stupid and I haven't driven 2,000 miles to do a tour by car or some arse numbing 7 day coach holiday with a load of pensioners who want a cup of tea every hour.

    I decided to have sausage and chips in the car with the missus and her dad and 4 dogs at Yarmouth seafront last night cos there was no Britains got talent on telly and was shocked yet again at how many foreigners that are walking about…..perhaps Lithuanians and Poles think Yarmouth is like Las vegas…..I don't know but its really odd and aint like a traditional English holiday resort anymore.

    At least Jim Davidson, the Chuckle brothers and that silly twat comic “Jethro” are still at the Britannia pier…..I remember Jim Davidson when he was very popular and involved with owning the other Pier at Yarmouth going for a drink at the bar he probably owned at th etime with about 6 bouncers surrounding him like he was the president…silly fart.

    Jim Davidson was spot on though with his view of Yarmouth at the time (1990 ish) its full of fat birds and skinny blokes in shell suits.

    Enjoy your cruise


  4. I'm sure it would have been lovely if the wind had dropped and we'd actually managed to get ashore! Still, never mind. The bar on the boat was included in the price – and at that price I should bloody well hope so to !!!