The Summer of Discontent

Well, we had the winter of discontent, so now I guess we’re set for the summer as well if the Union barons get their way, lining up as they are to throw everything at the people’s choice of government that they didn’t want. It never once occurs to them, of course, that the British people didn’t vote Labour precisely because of their Union bosses. God forbid!

And the biggest bastard of the lot as far as I am concerned is the Unite leader, Len McCluskey. He was the man who put the puppet Miliband into the top job and now because he’s lost he intends to do the same for Andy Burnham. What really pisses MacCluskey off about Miliband’s defeat is that he’s not President in all but name of the United Kingdom – and to hell with democracy.

Gone are the days of Blair’s New Labour. That won’t upset a lot of people, but let’s remember that it did deliver three election victories for Labour. Now the followers of Blair are expressing concerns about Unite’s links to the party. Of the 232 Labour MPs retuned to the Commons this week, 147 of them are either Unite members or receive funding from them. And let’s not forget their attempts to parachute their members onto selection lists…

Jim Murphy was the sacrificial goat in Scotland. In his defence he’d only been in the job a few months. To his credit he survived a confidence vote and then resigned, saying that now he could say things as an individual that he couldn’t say as head of Scottish Labour. And what he had to say was scathing :

Whether it’s in Scotland or the contest to come across the UK, we cannot have our leaders selected or deselected by the grudges and grievances of one prominent man.

The Leader of the Scottish Labour Party does not serve the grace of Len McCluskey and the next leader of the UK Labour Party should not be picked by Len McCluskey. Len McCluskey and the Unite leadership are the sort of people who could pick the wrong winer in a one-horse race”

However, it seems to me that this is exactly what will happen. Unite has given the Labour Party £14 million since 2010. And the GMB is also throwing it’s hat in the ring with a threat – dismissed on Monday by Harriet Harman – to disaffiliate from Labour.

The only good thing to come out of all this that Labour is tearing itself to pieces and that should hopefully be enough to prevent them destroying the British economy again for at least another 10 years…


11 responses to “The Summer of Discontent

  1. Another excellent reason not to vote Labour. I thought the days of the “Union Barons” had long since ended after Margaret Thatcher sought to emasculate them. No more Arthur Scargill, no more Clive Jenkins, no more Jack Jones and many more that were household names at the time.

    These days I bet most people, including myself, would be hard pressed to name more than a couple of union leaders. Of course the number of unions has diminished due to amalgamations.
    Membership has also declined. In 2013 there were 6.5 million members compared to 13 million in 1979.

    By the sound of it, this Len McCluskey (why are they nearly always a highland gentleman's horse drawn conveyance?), is a megalomaniac and nasty piece of work. However, his antics could well ruin Labour's chances of being put into office for many years to come, and a good thing too.

  2. McCluskey, ugly is as ugly does.

  3. My wife does her best to stop the economy destroying itself. Come to think of it, so do my daughters. Oh me, poor poor daddy! Labour destroy themselves, good. Lets get business going and provide security to people that work.

  4. Only ten years?
    I reckon they're going the same way as the Liberals did after the 1920's.
    Good news indeed.


  5. What's all this fuss about Len McCluskey?

    McCluskey is no saint, but he is the democratically elected head of Unite trade union and simply seeking to influence the party part-funded by his members. The grass root ideologies of 'socialism' to help 'ordinary working people' will always be banged out from the Labour Party supporting trade unions leaders.

    Unite’s and all other worker-union's donations to the Labour Party are a matter of easily checkable record. The way I see it this union cash is mostly used to influence which Labour MP (or in the case of general elections which parliamentary candidate) is placed in the system and where. The money doesn't seem to be used to dictate Labour Party policies. Yet a workers’ elected representative adding his voice to the noise of an internal party argument somehow represents the biggest political takeover since a Marxist dictator stormed the Russian Kremlin.

    By contrast cash donations from business CEO's and chairman's to the Tory Party are far from transparent. These private business leaders, seem to me, to end up in House of Lords where they seek to influence the government on fundamental policy issues – and this is business as usual from the ruling Conservative Party.

    Bye the way I am a NOT a Labour Party supporter and have never ever voted for them.

  6. Anyone who keeps Labour out of power is good with me. Problem with McCluskey is that he's made in the Scargill mould and his main interest is raking it in for himself and bringing down a non-Labour government.

  7. Here, here! Strong economy = more jobs. Labour still can't grasp that you can't spend your way out of a debt problem or a recession. I think Balls managed to convince everyone of that so they voted him out just incase Labour won the election. A Portillo or Mellor moment…

  8. Hopefully a double whammy – the Liberals disappear and the Labour Party shrink to a minor party. Can't help feeling that socialism has had it's day. The working classes these days are the old middle classes. The only ones who seem to stolidly support Labour are the new Benefits Class…

  9. It's all very well democratically electing McClusky but it doesn't seem to be alright with McCluskey that the country democratically elected Cameron?

  10. Then McCluskey is a prize prat. We all know the first past the post general elections voting system in the UK is not democracy. Cameron and all Tory and Labour Prime Ministers before him were not democratically elected.

  11. “…Then McCluskey is a prize prat…”

    Bravo; succinctly put.