Turn them back

Here’s a question for you : How many IS insurgent fighters can you see in the above picture of boat people being rescued by HMS Bulwark in the Med? Can’t tell? Well, that’s precisely the point.

News over the last few days says that not only is Islamic State making shed loads of money by providing the trafficking to get these so called ‘refugees’ across to Europe, they’re also using the trips to get their jihadists into the EU and then dispersing them across Europe ready to strike against us.

The BBC on Sunday quoted a Libyan government adviser, Abdul Basit Haroun, as saying that ISIL uses migrant boats to send its members into Europe “as the European police don’t know who is from ISIL and who is a normal refugee.” Haroun added that the ISIL militants control some boat owners and permit them to continue their operations only after the latter pay the extremists 50 percent of their income from each ship.

So how do we stop this happening? It’s really simple as I have said many times on this blog. It’s the Tony Abbott solution. Don’t let them land in Europe, forcibly send them back and destroy the boats. Then we don’t have to worry about how many terrorists are sneaking into Europe amongst the ‘refugees’ because there won’t be any.


3 responses to “Turn them back

  1. Sea mines, And torpedoes. I could nt give a SHIT if the boat is full or not, sink the bastards.

    Maybe next time they will take swimming lessons before they try their shit.

  2. Lucifer Blair still rubbing the right's nose in diversity , or recruiting labour's next voting mass.
    His son Cameron carrying on the tradition?
    The nation is going to reap exactly what it has voted for over the last 20 years.


  3. Only what some of it voted for, Judd. Only some.