Charity? What charity…?

As my regular reader will know, I have been scathing in the past about the antics that some charities get up to – but last week they sunk to an all time low in my estimation…

Say ‘hello’ to 92 year old Olive Cooke. Well, actually you can’t because poor old Olive got so much shit from charities after her hard earned dosh that last week she threw herself of the Clifton suspension bridge in Bristol.

Her grandson Kevin King said today she was ‘exhausted’ because charities had been trying to ‘milk her’ for years and ‘pestered her’ with cold calls at all hours and hundreds of begging letters. He said: ‘I heard they were passing her number around saying ‘this person is really generous, give this number a try’. She was being pestered all the time. It was like they were trying to milk her. As soon as you open the door a little bit (to charities) it goes wide open’.

Charities also appear to have sold her details to private businesses and Mrs Cooke was then hounded by salesmen trying to sell solar panels, double glazing and computers.

Mrs Cooke – who admitted she ‘couldn’t say no’ – had then been ‘overwhelmed’ and ‘exhausted’ by letters and phone calls asking her for yet more donations before she died. One of her friends said “When I used to be in the flat all the time with her the phone would keep continuously ringing and sometimes she would put the phone down and it would ring again. Sometimes I had been there an hour or so and you would get the same charities ringing back.”

Ironically, Olive was a keen charity worker herself. She was the longest serving poppy seller in the UK having started in 1938. She had 27 direct debits with different charities and they had no hesitation in milking her dry. The bastards sent her around 250 letters a month asking for money.

Whatever happened to the tin rattlers in the high street or on your doorstep? Well, they’ve been replaced by aggressive pressure sellers of direct debits and telephone cold callers. What is not realised about these parasites is that they are in the main commission based salesmen and that the first several months of your direct debit goes not to the charity but to the salesman’s commission payment. No wonder they are so relentless!

My advise is to tell them to fuck off because if you give to just one of them there’s a very really danger that you are asking to open the floodgates.

You can read the full story of Olive’s tragic and scandalous demise in the Daily Fail by clicking [here]


13 responses to “Charity? What charity…?

  1. I strongly believe that these “charities” need bringing to book for behaviour that is tantamount to criminal.
    What happened to “Data protection” especially of the vulnerable and elderly, the sad fact is the poor lady is not the first and won't be the last, she came from a different generation where these fraudsters did not exist because society would not have back this kind of anti social behaviour.
    I used to struggle to say no to a “good cause” however when I had small children I was always almost penniless, because I had an alcoholic husband who spent all our money on alcohol. That was when I toughened up and now I don't tolerate cold calls or solicitations from ANYONE. if approached in the street (which happens a lot in the city here) I am darn right rude as it is the only language these parasites understand.
    The only charity I give to is The Royal British Legion and no other. This charity culture is funded by fraud and has been intensified by that other mega fraud “The National Lottery” over which you have no control as to where your money goes. Greedy grasping CEo'S of these charities pay themselves stupid money and yet have students on commission on the streets trying to rob people, who don't realise how much of their donations go to pay wages of the people tugging at their heart strings with a sob story, same of cold calls all on commission payment per person they con, and all working from psychologically prepared scripts to get maximum results. God it makes my blood boil.

  2. I feel very sorry for Olive Cooke and my sympathies go to her family and friends.

    This story is absolutely disgusting! I would urge anyone reading this post to heed the excellent advice offered by Dioclese – never, ever respond by giving money to any of these phone, letter TV or radio appeals. There are devices available at fairly reasonable cost that can “screen” all incoming phone calls on a landline telephone – search on amazon for call blockers. I got one for my elderly father and it works very well.

    I made the mistake one Christmas many, many years ago, of donating to the NSPCC after seeing one of their highly emotive TV adverts. I made only that one donation, but all these years later they still write to me asking for money. They must have spent far more sending out all those letters than my original donation was worth. It was after sober reflection, and receiving literature from them that I came to the opinion that the NSPCC was a truly awful organisation.

    It's been shown on numerous occasions that lots of these charities are run by highly paid executives, with fairly large, equally well paid support staff. I think this whole “charitable status” crap should be the subject of a thorough government enquiry. Some of the groups who claim this privilege seem highly questionable to me, they are not charities, some are big businesses and some are nothing more than scams.

    An investigation should look into this whole cold calling business and also the endless stream of charity bags that are shoved through our letter boxes. It's a bit ironic isn't it that we are urged to reduce our use of plastic carrier bags whilst at the same time being bombarded with polythene collection sacks?

  3. I was watching TV the other day when an advert came on, with one of those African babies covered in flies. I picked up the phone straight away and rang the number on the screen. I have to get myself one, they seem to work much better than those sticky strips that hang from the ceiling.

  4. I agree with you Eye.

  5. *chuckle* I am glad it's not just “Himself” who comes out with comments like that 😀

  6. Wish I'd been clever enough to think of that comment. I'd have used it shamelessly!!!

  7. Chuggers who think they are on stage, blagging, showing off infront of an audience of shoppers makes my blood boil….worst of the worst by a long way in my opinion is RNLI (lifeboats) who come at you with a petition or survey scam which turns into a direct debit very quickly and turns a trip to Cromer /Sheringham into an anger fest….RNLI really do think that you have an obligation to give if you visit Cromer. ……yes there is a lifeboat at Cromer, but the RNLI are not the town council, they have no power, shoving honesty boxes on free car parks is bang out of order….they do not own Cromer.

    My tip for call centres is answer the phone with silence and wait until they say hello and then put the phone down….this can waste perhaps 5-10 seconds of their time and makes them think their voice is what ended the call……its not much of a tip but it at least gives me the satisfaction of getting a little bit even


  8. I like to let them waffle and then tell them to hang on because there's someone at the front door but please don't go away because I'm really really interested on what they're offering. Then pop back after few minutes an apologise for the delay and pop off again.

    My record is 22 minutes before they hang up. It really fucks up their call rates and buggers their commission…

  9. LMAO!! Cruel but very funny. It got a LOL.

  10. I don't have this issue any more as we have no land line, but when I did I used to use a similar ploy but would go and have a bath , sort my washing and make a cup of tea, any still on the line by the time I got back I would mutter oops left the phone off the hook again and hang up.

  11. Truecall. Stops the lot. I've commented on this one over at mine. Suffice to say, my reaction is the same as yours.

  12. It does piss me off too. I support a couple of good charities. But I cannot afford to give them any more. The ring quite often, I know their numbers, so I don't answer. However, if I do get caught, I will tell them to bugger off and cancel my DD.

  13. I wonder, though, when Mrs Cooke's family was so aware of the harassment, why they didn't take it in hand for her. I wouldn't have seen my mother become “exhausted” and done nothing. All it would have taken would have been to send one letter to them all threatening to report them if they didn't stop.

    Agree with the comment above about NSPCC – I donated one Christmas then they started hassling me to increase my donation. Just don't give them a penny anymore.