Equality is fine, but…

…only when equality actually means equality.

Sandi Toksvig was spouting off on the appalling BBC One Show the other night about her new political party, the Women’s Equality Party. She was banging on about how women are still paid on average less than men and how it’s all wrong and her new political party is going to campaign to put it all right.

Well the thing is, Sandi, that it’s the law that men and women doing the same job get the same pay. The reason that the average earnings of women are lower than men is because they’re not doing the same jobs.

Then she banged on about the number of women MPs being much lower than the men. Well, that Sandi is because they didn’t run or didn’t want get elected. Labour tried to buy the female vote with all female selection short lists, completely ignoring the fact that by doing so, they were denying equality to men. Worked well, didn’t it? Two wrongs don’t make a right, you know!

As I said, I’m all for treating men and women equally. When they open doors for me and stand up on buses to give a male pensioner their seat then I’ll be truly impressed and admit that real equality has finally arrived.

In the meantime, let’s just accept that everyone is different and no two people are equal – regardless of their sex.

And I’d also like to point out that the party’s title including the word “Women’s” rather discriminates against men. I think the irony of that might well be lost on Miss Toksvig…


11 responses to “Equality is fine, but…

  1. Sandi Toksvig is a woman? – well I never. Joking aside, I can't stand the whining lesbian midget. I don't know why, but she always reminds me of Bill Oddie. Alice Arnold and Sandi Toksvig were a couple until Alice ran off with that other bull-dyke Clare Balding. I don't know what she's got to bitch about, she's had a fucking sinecure sucking at the BBC teat. But, of course, she ticks all the right boxes as far as the BBC is concerned.

    This bollocks about getting the same pay for doing the same job. The feminists have worked round that one nicely now, haven't they? The new argument goes like this – “we want the same pay for doing work of equal value” – whatever the fuck that means. Of course, I know what they mean by it. Some daft bint, sitting on her arse filing her nails, in a nice warm office back at the council depot, wants the same pay as the men out emptying the bins. No, like most pressure groups, what they are after is special treatment NOT equality.

    I hope the poisoned dwarf gets large numbers of the hard of thinking to join “her party”, put up for election, and lose their deposits – 'cos that's what'll happen.

  2. Nice comment – mind of I use it on “…is a cunt” ?

  3. I wonder who wears the trousers in the Toksvig household…

  4. I'd be honoured Dio.

  5. Cheers. I'll add her to the cunt queue over there. Bit of a queue at the moment with lotsa noms, so it'll likely be a week or two before it appears. I'm working my way through them – we're a bit of a victim of our own success!

  6. I used to quite like Toksvig then she went all uber lessie cunt and lost the plot as she and Clare Balding seem to have dated the same women repeatedly although not at the same time I don't think (although anything is possible), I BET she does believe in equality, equality to share the shortage of Lesbian celebrity girlfriends..
    Since she got married she seems to have gone a bit OTT on this “Equality” bollocks. She really needs to get a grip and calm down and realise she is just an entertainer not fucking mother theresa, although I suspect Toksvig would have made a play for her too, she clearly has no shame. Typical lesbian feminist all trousers and no brains.

  7. I find myself nodding in agreement with my soul brother (not in a black way) E' Squint esq, who always talks sense and logic, well said Eye.

  8. Sandi toksvig has my respect cos she has had success as a comedienne and the female answer to Stephen Fry and Ian Hislop with no talent whatsoever, no charisma, no personality yet still is a household name.

    Jo Brand is another funny woman that aint funny too.

    Tis proof you don't need talent or equality laws…..to succeed.

    Sky News have their own equality regime and have installed a token black face on Sky News….Gillian Joseph is piss poor and I mean piss poor and struggles like a fish out of water on “paper reviews” type moments on SKY.

    Sandi toksvig ….how the fuck has she bluffed/scammed hard nosed T.V producers/media world for frigging decades and got a very nice living out of it.


  9. “all trousers and no brains”

    I love it Sista! Once again you've hit the nail right on the head. BTW That Mother Theresa was no fucking saint either. Apparently she used to refuse dying kids any medication becuase she believed that it was God's will that they should die – the old bitch!

  10. Because she ticked all the boxes as far as the right on media luvies are concerned i.e. female (sort of), lesbian, foreign antecedents, short arsed and horrible grating voice.

    I used to quite like Time Team years ago. But she and Bill Oddie completely ruined the 3 day bank holiday specials, with their un-funny wise cracks. I can see the “just out of Uni” producers wetting themselves at how “edgy” they were.

  11. Well said Rickie, spot on. As Eye says she ticked all the relevant boxes… or should that be …got on her knees an sucked the relevant box!