Ve hav vays of making you take immigrants…

Less than a week with a Conservative majority government who are supposedly offering an EU referendum and Brussels is already lining Cameron up to be shot down.

It seems that some illegal immigrants are drowning themselves out in the Med, so naturally the Fourth Reich wants to do something about it. What could this be, I ask? Should we let the buggers drown? Should we turn the boats back? Should we blockade the North African coast?

Of course not…

The European Commission, under new President Jean-Claude Juncker, will today unveil a migration strategy for the EU. Included are two proposals strongly opposed by the UK, which says the migration crisis must be tackled by other means:

  • To introduce legal and safe migration paths to Europe so that people do not turn to traffickers, risking their lives in the process. The Commission suggests this would apply to individuals meeting certain criteria, such as those qualifying as refugees or having a particular skill set attractive to the labour market in Europe
  • To introduce refugee quotas for all EU countries, sharing the number of asylum seekers more equally across the EU. The distribution system would be based on a number of criteria including unemployment figures and national GDP levels
The main reason for this – in case anyone is under the illusion that the EU isn’t Greater Germania by a different name – is that Frau Merkel is getting stick at home over immigration and the effect of these proposal would be that Germany takes fewer while everybody else gets more.
Given that Dave wants a reduction in EU migrants and has promised ‘less Brussels’ in daily life, is this a welcome move for him? It could be argued that it gives him a golden opportunity to put his money where his mouth is. In fact, there are several countries opposing EU migrants quotas (Netherlands, Denmark, Hungary, Estonia, Slovakia). the French are nervous about the idea, the Med states like Italy, Malta and Greece are in favour for obvious reasons.
So Dave might look and sound good when he ‘stands firm’ on the issue, but in fact it’s not new and Theresa May has already opposed it in the past. Dave will no doubt proclaim a healthy victory if it’s blocked but in fact it’ll be the other countries that really block it if it gets blocked at all.
It’ll be a lively discussion tho’…

12 responses to “Ve hav vays of making you take immigrants…

  1. Whatever the ins and outs of Dave's image might be the bottom line is, this country, the UK (and I suspect England in particular) is full to past bursting with the bastards. Public opinion seems to be somewhat in agreement judging by the number of votes that went to UKIP last Thursday – after all, UKIP was the only party really willing to talk about immigration in any meaningful way.

    As for the Commission saying “this would apply to individuals meeting certain criteria, such as those qualifying as refugees or having a particular skill set attractive to the labour market in Europe”, well that just about means anyone who wants to come doesn't it?. I was and am under the impression that the EU was/is sort of up the creek, with widespread unemployment across most member states. Only a moron would invite more people into their country when there aren't enough jobs to go round already.

    We were fed a load of old bollocks by the last Labour government about how mass immigration was good for the economy. A former labour advisor has recently admitted that it was all part of a master plan to ” rub the noses of the right in multiculturalism”.

    Like most do-gooders they put forward the most crack-pot ideas just so long as they don't have to suffer the consequences, in this instance it's a case of “we should take them all just so long as it's NOT IN MY BACK YARD”. I'm saying I don't want any of them and I don't think anybody else should have them. They should stay in their own countries and sort their own problems out.

  2. Interesting that this morning Theresa May is saying that the way to solve problem is to repatriate them. Worked in Australia and she is probably the one in the Cabinet with the most balls…

    If this goes through, it's a another good reason to leave the EU. Once they're anywhere in the EU then they're free to come to whatever country they like so why would they stay where they're sent? Any quota system would be meaningless at the end of the day.

  3. I have to unreservedly agree with Eyesaqwnt I don't want any more of these bastards, and anyway there will be those who “don't fit the criteria” etc blah blah blah and so there will still be those who traffic so the problem won't be solved. The only single way to stop all this fucking shit, is NOT TAKE ANYONE, and make them go fucking home.They have homes, that have a country, if it's not to their linking then they need to fight and evolve to change it like we did over generations here, Not sit in a leaking boat off Lampedusa crying because “their boat has a hole dear Angela a hole” Awww bless them, NOT they all have brand new mobile phones, and they can all afford thousands of pounds to pay to sit in a leaky boat, an why do they do it ….BECAUSE no bastard is discouraging them form doing so, and the powers that be are actively encouraging it. Then when they can't get to the good old UK “land of plenty” they star riots in Calais and the mayor gripes. Well derrrrr your the twats that let them in.
    Makes me laugh all during the recent electioneering Labour were still denying their part in mass immigration and still saying “Nothing to do with us” and they wonder why the British people stuck 2 fingers up at them. Of course Ed Balls constant denial of economy wrecking didn't help.
    But I genuinely believe many people are sick of us being the dumping ground for lazy entitled minorities, who just want free money, free healthcare and a house, so they can bring entire tribes of more entitles immigrants over in the guise of “refugees”. I would also ad the Churches have a lot to answer for when it comes to “refugees”, round here many of them run special help and advice on how to cheat the system and get in services. One church actively encourages Muslims an then when they get their “citizenship” they fuck off back to the nearest mosque.
    But never mind eh as the Christians in these churches will all be able to hold hands and sing kumbaya as some terrorist jihadi blows them all sky hight after they help him come to the UK.
    To steal a phase from Saxon. ARSE

  4. Well said Kath, spot on. The thing is, the feckless bastards coming here never end up being the neighbours of the likes of Miliband and his ilk who want to let them in. These bleeding heart politicians are cynical toss pots, they know they won't be living anywhere near the immigrant trash, but they hope they'll get their votes come election time.

  5. XX having a particular skill set attractive to the labour market in Europe XX

    Aye. I have seen these fucking “skills.”

    I work on intergration courses part time, to teach these bastards a bit about how they will be EXPECTED to behave as guests.

    ONE example from many; A dentist from Afghanistan. Lectured on dentistry at the uni there.

    His German was passable for the job, eventually. He took the exam to transfer his qualifications to German ones.

    He BARELY qualified as a dental practice nurse!

  6. Which unemployment criteria would Juncker be looking at, the government 'official' figures or the real ones?

  7. Thanks for the link Kath, I shall follow that story with great interest.

  8. Exactly. The ruling elite will not be treated by the sort of scum they are happy to foist upon the rest of us.

  9. The outcome could prove interesting.

  10. Quite and the NHS immigrant Doctors an nurses here are a prime example.

  11. Exactly, I dare say it will be the “Official” figures which we all know are a fairy story.