This is not democracy

Someone once said that democracy doesn’t work, but it’s the best non-working system we’ve got. On Thursday, there was a free general election that people died to get introduced and which is still not available in many other countries all over the world. We should be proud of that.

So what happened on VE weekend in Whitehall? A load of brain dead moronic scum decided to hold a ‘pro-democracy’ and anti-austerity protest.

There’s nothing wrong with protesting or marching peacefully to make your voice heard. It’s part of real democracy and freedom of speech – but that’s a lot different from assaulting police officers and definitely a lot different to defacing a national war memorial by spraying ‘Fuck Tory scum’ on it with red spray paint.

This weekend, we remember the many hundreds of thousands of men and women who died so that you could hold your protest march without being rounded up and shot by the Gestapo and you choose to deface a memorial to those people by exercising the very rights they died to give you.

You are unworthy. You are waste of air. This country is ashamed of you, and you should be ashamed of yourselves…

…as no doubt you would be if you had any brains at all!


10 responses to “This is not democracy

  1. No it's not democracy, it's a disgrace!. I'm utterly appalled at the level to which some people will sink.
    As I understand it that stupid bint Charlotte Church took part in this so called “protest”. I bet that other prize prick, the darling of the left, “crusty rickets” would no doubt wholly approve.

  2. You mentioned the Gestapo. This lot showed how that organisation of brutal oppression rose to power. As for Church, another long forgotten drug snorting idiot trying anything to gain exposure to their puerile personalities.

  3. I missed the protests and agree it was bang out of order during VE weekend , my impressions of the church service that the queen attended yesterday was why is she still head honcho while Prince charles is becoming on old man and how odd Royalty is and what it is and how its survived into 2015.

    Royalty great for tourism and all that…but Cameron trotting off to the Palace to tell her /ask her or whatever that mularky is meant to be after the election is fucking stupid.


  4. I agree completely D. Disrespectful pond scum.

  5. As I recall, we had a referendum on PR. The system was rejected. Democracy. Tony Blair governed with 35%. Just tough. People like this know nothing, care for nothing but their own moronic and usually violent views, and should be suppressed.

  6. rapscallion

    No doubt, it's completely lost on these brain-dead morons, that the memorial is to the women of World War 2, some of which may well have been their Grandmothers or Great-Grandmothers. That's nice isn't it!

    They are oxygen thieves, useless parasites. One day, when they grow up they might realise the shame and ordure they have brought on themselves

  7. One thing they may have achieved is be the failure of any Labour government in the next 10 or 15 years. The image of that political party will long be of faces filled with hatred because they did not get their own way, of vicious attacks and insults on the memory of the sacrifices made by those (of varied political persuasions) who only wanted a better, freer, more peaceful world, and a tunnel visioned view that they, and only they, should be heeded. They appear to have accepted Orwell's “1984” as a training manual. God help us if the Labour Party ends with a leader called O'Brien.

  8. Smoking Scot

    @ David

    Not quite. We had a referendum on the Alternative Vote. It is absolutely not the same as Proportional Representation.,_2011

    In fairness, Clegg wanted to offer PR, but Cameron did not. To form the coalition he would only agree to match what Gordon Brown had offered – AV.

    It suits the big parties just fine, it's up and running in Australia – and by all accounts they think its a crock of bollocks.

    We looked at what was on offer and – correctly – rejected it.

  9. Spoke to an Aussie recently about this and – yes – he thought it was bollocks!

  10. “…One day, when they grow up they might realise the shame and ordure they have brought on themselves…”

    That's “if they grow up”:- I won't hold my breath waiting: don't recall much in the way of repentance coming from Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Tariq Ali, Ulrike Meinhof, Andreas Baader, or any of the other ultra-leftie fascists of the last few decades.