Off with their Eds!

Well, that was all good fun wasn’t it?

Labour lost two Eds, the Limp Dumps lost just about everybody, Ashdown said he’d eat his hat (another Lib Dem pledge broken), Alastair Campbell said he’d eat his kilt (another Liebore promise), and Cameron got the impossible majority.

Sorry Farage didn’t get in – but UKIP were on a hiding to nothing.

What makes Cameron’s victory all the more impressive is that whenever a government gets in, they immediately frig the boundaries to give them an advantage at the next election. The Tories were no exception, but the Lib Dems blocked them.

As a result, it takes around 10% more Tory votes to win a seat than Labour votes.

Well, at least we’re safe from the dreadful Lab/SNP coalition and Miliband is gone for good.

Well done David Cameron. Now finish the job like you promised…


3 responses to “Off with their Eds!

  1. rapscallion

    He won't finish the job like he promised. He won't be able to. That muppet has less of a majority than he did last time. All it will take is for 5 or so tory MPs to rebel and he's stuffed. The electoral system is not fit for purpose. UKIP poll 1 million more votes than SNP. Result – UKIP 1 seat, SNP 58 seats. Yeah that works doesn't it!

  2. To be fair, there's a damn site more votes in England than Scotland, but I take your point and the SNP will support some of the program in a bit of horse trading. I was disappointed Farage didn't win, but the bastards threw the kitchen sink at him…

  3. rapscallion

    Quite, but even the Dim Libs polled less than UKIP and got 8 seats FFS. Of course Farage lost, it was the one thing that united the Left, hard left (UAF, HNH) tories, Al Beeb and the press. They simply could not allow Farage a place in the Commons where he would point out their inadequacies.

    Having had a bit of a think, I'd say the leader that lost the most was Sturgeon. Yes I know the wiped the floor with Labour, but the one big thing she most definitely did NOT want was a Tory majority. The next big losers was Lieboor, Seeing Balls lose was soooooo enjoyable. Next big losers were the DIm Libs who got right royally stuffed. Oh, how I cheered when the complete and utter idiot of the first water – Ed Davey lost. UKIP lost one seat, but gained 3.5 million votes and came 2nd in over 70 seats and won 159 council seat. More seats would have been brilliant, but that's the crap voting system innit! Lastly the tories won more seats, but lost their larged majority they had with the Dim Libs. I'd say they're going to find it harder, not easier. “Call me Dave”, can't go blaming the Dim Libs anymore for things he wanted to get done. With a lot of EU sceptic MP's, it is they who hold the whip hand. The one bloke I really do feel sorry for is Mark Reckless. Clearly a decent, upstanding and honourable man who had been badly let down by his constituents.