Polling Day

At-fucking-last! The campaigning in the most negative election in British electoral history is over and with a bit of luck after today we’ll get some peace for four and a half years before the useless bastards start it all off again for another 6 months.

On the other hand, we might get lucky and they’ll have the sense to dump fixed term parliaments. But then again it might all go tits up and we can do it all again in October!

Whatever happens, get out an vote. If you don’t vote then don’t bother whinging on about what you end up with. If you think they’re all twats, then at least get off your fat arse and write ‘No suitable candidate’ across the ballot paper then you’ve earned the right to moan afterwards. Make some effort for Chrisake!!

Now comes the really big decision : sit up all night supping Special Brew while it all unfolds or just think ‘Fuck it!’ and bugger off to bed?

And if I do watch it, will it be Dimblebore on the Beeb or Ali Stewpot on ITV. It won’t be Sky because spending the night with Adam Boulton is a prospect just to dreadful to contemplate. And how will Peter Snow’s swingometer cope with seven parties??? It’s all just so exciting!

Gawd help us!…


6 responses to “Polling Day

  1. 90% of candidates are from the Establishment. Ergo, twats by definition. I voted for UKIP as less polluted by centuries of twatism.

  2. I am so excited I could shit.

    It's all fucking spam any way. No matter HOW many beans they add.

    A deffinition of WESTERN politics today:

  3. YAWN…D wake me up when it's all over will you. Tomorrow there will be no change for the better it will all be just more of the same self gratifying, self serving bullshit and I am weary.
    I will vote I will make my protest and it will mean nothing, then in 4 years we can do it all again…Of course that's assuming Red ed and the fish woman haven't totally introduced their communist model by then and we still have a vote.

  4. I voted UKIP in the Lithuanian republic twinned with Lisbon young offender constituency and was fucking outraged that 50% of the voting booths had their voting pens nicked by 11.30 am.

    This isnt funny……its shite.

    Dioclese there is no need to stay up all night cos that exit poll the BBC conduct and anounce at 22.30 is always spot on.


  5. Hope you don't mind, Dio, but I've nicked your cartoon.

    Although on reflection, why should we offer humane treatment to these arseholes?

  6. Help yourself, Ted. where'd you think I got it from!…