Grow up, Danny!

Remember that infamous note that Liam Byrne left at the Treasury? “I’m afraid there is no money” basically because the last Labour government pissed it all up the wall.

Well now Danny Alexander has come up with a reply. It’s only taken him 5 years. “Sorry for the late reply. I’ve been busy fixing the economy.” Fair enough so far – but like all politicians looking for a photo opportunity and a bit of publicity, Danny didn’t know when to stop.

He went on “We won’t let you or the Tories screw it up!” which is a bit rich really considering it was Osborne that was fixing it in the first place.

I suspect that it will be little academic for Danny as he holds a Scottish seat that’s about to be wiped out by the SNP but who knows? He might just be one of the survivors…

…unless of course his rather juvenile attempt at a publicity stunt loses him more votes than it gains?

We live in hope.

I even hope that that tablet of stone falls on Milibands head and crushes his chances too – just like that picture of William Hague in a baseball cap at Thorpe Park all those years ago. My four year old granddaughter is more mature than this lot!


3 responses to “Grow up, Danny!

  1. Over the last 30 or so years I've noticed that society has become ever more infantile. The phenomenon pervades almost every aspect of day to day life. Everything nowadays seems aimed at, and geared towards “the children”. As a result immaturity is running rampant.

    So is it any wonder if politicians, who go straight from school, to university and then directly into politics don't ever really grow up. They have little, if any, life experience outside the academic cocoon, and so end up treating everything like a rag week stunt?

    To some extent that's what sets Nigel Farage apart from the other party leaders – he's lived some of his life in the “real world”, that is, outside the “Westminster bubble”.

  2. Bunny

    Agreed with the above comment, how much of the crisis of the 70s can be laid at Wilson's feet? He was a similar school, university then politics mould, but in Wilson's defence WWII did have a great influence on his career and how it developed. From Blair onwards they looked at Wilson's CV and decided it was a career path and not a one off due to circumstance.

  3. Every time we get a Labour government they raise taxes, overspend and generally fuck up the economy. I can only assume that anyone who votes Labour is either congenitally stupid or Welsh – although that's the same thing really thinking about it…

    If they get in on Thursday, we're fucked and it proves that the electorate really is too damn stupid to learn from the past.