Shitipedia: K is for Keyboard Warrior

The entire world is a conspiracy because ‘The Matrix’ was a documentary!

Out there are a whole host of totally sad and uninformed people who know more about everything that goes on than the rest of us put together. They know everything. More than the government, the CIA, MI5, Mossad, the KGB and even David Icke.

The keyboard warrior knows that 9/11 was a Jewish plot, the holocaust never happened, the Boston Bombings were faked using actors and that Germanwings flight was shot down by mistake during a French military exercise.

Yes, the keyboard warrior knows everything about everything. He will put you straight. You can trust him.

Just remember to wear tinfoil on your head or the aliens will melt your brain. The keyboard warrior is immune from this threat, of course, because he doesn’t actually have a brain…


11 responses to “Shitipedia: K is for Keyboard Warrior

  1. Maybe one man's keyboard warrior is another man's blogger?

  2. It's nothing to do with health cos smoking dosen't kill ya, Debs Arnot (ASH)…. justs want to make you miserable and control your life like a Nazi cos she is a spiteful cow….the rest of the world medical experts might agree about smoking but that don't matter to the bedroom warriors in hiding.

    Thats probably the best from the conspiracy loonies, other notable shite came from Captain Ranty who despite blogging about anti government., anti law, the new world order, you own nothing, your name isnt yours, your life aint your own, don't vote, don't be on the electoral register, don't pay taxes….popped along and voted in the Euro elections last time.

    Blogging encourages the hard of thinking bedroom warriors in hiding like Puddlecote cos viewing stats, blog roll friends along with no opinion against the blog host ( if one does appear they get rid of it) to go even more fucking stupid.

    Blog readers are expected to overlook “its nothing to do with health” rants from Puddlecote who is now a vaper and Simon Clark ( forest) never smoked , Ranty voting…etc

    Mind you these nutters aint always safe behind keyboards…ask Old Holborn…, he now claims victory over the scousers cos they can't find him in Bulgaria, Pat nurse has had to stop trolling on twitter and her blog with her real name.

    Nowt as queers as folk.


  3. Much preferred the 60's with no telephone, no Wi Fi and relying on conversation between each other. Oh. And looking after one's friends and neighbours. The internet and personal computers have made a great contribution to every day lives. Why, oh why, do people want to f**k up other peoples lives anonymously?

  4. There are lots of idiots in this world, but in a free society you ate perfectly entitled to be an idiot if you want to. Some idiots are proved, with time, not to be so idiotic after all.

  5. The trouble with you Rickie is that you seem not to accept that people might have opinions that differ to yours. And anyone who has the temerity to disagree with you is immediately branded nutters and stupid. You also appear to be suffering from a persecution complex. Surely it's also reasonable that anyone running a blog can block, ban or delete any comments they don't like. if That upsets you, might I suggest that you don't visit those particular sites, and why not start your own anti-smoking blog where you name and shame all those bloggers you have an issue with?. Iā€™m just curious.

  6. I have no problems with those who have opinions that differ from myself, I don't belive its reasonable to delete and ban comments on blogs where freedom of speech and freedoms are deemed sacred vows as in the cases of smoker denial and lawful rebellion blogs are concerned…thats fucked up hypocrisy……I sometimes visit these sites but mostly I don't bother , especially as smoking denial has virtually become extinct…I most certainly won't post or attempt to post on these sites because “one opposing comment” on the never ending list of agreement between nutters flags me up straightaway…lol.

    Dioclese gives me the platform to name and shame bloggers under his policy of freedom of speech which shows how I accept different opnions, without my posts being deleted as “trolling” …..real freedom of speech allows blog readers to read whats posted not censored , twisted, hidden and removes “blog hosts” lying about what I have posted after its been deleted and helps them avoid awkward questions becasue they can pretend they have not read my rants.

    Its a win win situation for myself and the blogs that censor too.

    I hope thats made you less curious, and most of the people I disagree with are not nutters and stupid but a few most certainly are, hopefully you might accept I can be allowed to call a cunt a cunt like everyone else does.

    Some blog hosts and their followers seem to expect exemption from criticism when politicans or public figures have an “anything goes” policy towards them in blogland, I don't go along with that hypocrisy…if I don't like what I read then I will comment despite what lofty holier- than-thou principled blog hosts think of themselves.


  7. Governments LOVE conspiracy theorists. Becaus no matter WHAT the Governments do or do not do, within seconds, the web is full of conspiracy shit. Which means no one believes any of it, and the Governments get a “free hand.” They can do what they like, because it is all “only conspiracy theorists anyway.”

    I reckon they are Government paid trolls….or would that be a conspiracy theory????

  8. I've got a conspiracy theory of my own. I'm sure that various governments around the world have teams of people who start the conspiracies in the first place – smoke and mirrors, and all that sort stuff.

  9. Thanks for the clarification, my curiosity is satisfied.

  10. That is what I was trying to say. Well put! šŸ™‚